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2016-2017 Staff

Lauren Pires

News Editor

Lauren Pires is an aspiring journalist that spends her time dedicated to discovering prevalent issues at Boca High. Her years of research writing has prepared her for The Paw Print, and she's looking forward to writing for the...

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Valeria Munoz

Editor in Chief

Valeria Munoz is a senior at Boca High and is currently on The Paw Print staff as editor in chief. She joined the staff her sophomore year and has since attended Florida Scholastic Press Association and National Scholastic Press...

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Gary Putnik

Editor in Chief

Gary Putnik is a senior at Boca High. He joined The Paw Print in his freshman year as a staff writer, and has served the last three years a the Sports Editor. Gary joined the Paw Print because he wants gain experience before...

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Juliette Armsworthy

Opinion Editor

Juliette is a senior and a staff writer at the Boca High Paw Print. She loves to write poetry, and is extensively involved in various community outreach initiatives. She is the Feminist Committee Chair at Boca High’s Key Club,...

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Madison Lynn

Features Editor

Madison Lynn is a senior at Boca High. She is currently the features editor of the Paw Print. Her love for writing began at a young age with a sparked interest in short story writing.  She has been studying journalism since...

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Michael Bidun

Sports Editor

Michael is a senior at Boca High and Sports Editor for the Paw Print. He is Vice President of Competition in DECA, a former Bobcat baseball player, and an avid supporter of Boca High sports.  This is his first year as a writer...

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Anastasia Ivanova

Entertainment Editor

Anastasia Ivanova is a sophomore at Boca High. Her position in Paw Print is Entertainment Editor. Ana, as she is preferred to be called, had been enjoying to write from the time she was in first grade, and always wanted to be...

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Melissa Topel

Centerspread Editor

Melissa Topel is a sophomore at Boca High and is the Centerspread Editor this year. This is her first year on staff at the Paw Print. Melissa loves writing and is also interested in graphic design. She is certified in Adobe Photoshop...

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Alexandre Pagani

Business Manager

Alex Pagani is a senior at Boca Raton Community High School. This year at the Paw Print will be his first and only year. With aspirations in business, he aims to ensure that the school newspaper is funded for the entire year in...

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Jorge Soares-Paulino

Copy Editor

Jorge Soares-Paulino is a junior at Boca High and also currently a Copy Editor for the Paw Print staff. He specializes in the entertainment field, taking pride in writing reviews for the latest video-games for the Paw Print. In...

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Nathaniel Hopwood

Copy Editor

Nathaniel Hopwood (aka Nate) is a copy editor for the Paw-print news staff for the first time in his high-school career. His previous experience with writing stems from his involvement with the Boca high slam poetry team. As...

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Emily Pravel

Copy Editor

Emily is a Junior at Boca Raton Community High School this year, given the position as Copy Editor at The Paw Print. She joined The Paw Print this year because she wants to expand her knowledge on her writing capabilities even...

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Bredi Aranya

Staff Writer

Bredi Aranya is a sophomore who is a staff writer in the Paw Print. He loves playing chess and pretty decent at it. Bredi is also in the Boca High Debate Team. This is his first year in Paw Print, and he is very excited. In...

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Hannah Oakland

Staff Writer

Hannah Oakland is a senior at Boca Raton Community High School and is spending her final year on the Paw Print staff. Hannah enjoys writing news and informational stories as well as writing horror fiction. With her writing,...

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Danielle Worthalter

Staff Writer

Danielle Worthalter is a Junior at Boca High and is a Staff Writer on the Paw Print. This is her first year on the Paw Print. She enjoys creative writing and joined the Paw Print in order to become a more knowledgeable writer....

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Jennifer Balbier

Staff Writer

Jennifer is a Junior at Boca High, and is very excited for her first year on the Paw Print Staff! Her favorite things to write about are people and how to help them, she also tries to include a touch of humor into each of her...

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Maria Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Maria is a senior and new addition to the Paw Print staff. Last year, she transferred to Boca High from Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia, where she was a featured writer in local magazines. She loves creative writing,...

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Hannah Mason

Staff Writer

Hannah Mason is a junior at Boca High and is on The Paw Print. She took journalism last year as a sophomore and wanted to get more involved in the craft. Hannah joined the newspaper because she loves to write about topics that...

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Eddie Witherspoon

Staff Writer

Eddie Witherspoon is a senior of the class of 2017. He enjoys talking about the crazy things and trends that go on in the world. Eddie loves hanging out with his friends and exploring new things. He is a member of Boca High's...

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Camile Lofters


Mrs. Lofters (formerly Betances) has been teaching since 2007 and is happy to be the adviser for The Paw Print newspaper at Boca High as well as The Paw yearbook. She was District 7's Journalism Teacher of the Year for the Flor...

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