Freshman Year Goals


  1. Take challenging classes in core academic subjects. Start AICE, AP, or Honors classes as soon as possible.

  2. Be involved in school and community activities. It’s the quality, not the quantity that counts.

  3. Take the PSAT in October for practice. No registration or payment required.

  4. Keep track of all awards, honors, extracurriculars, community service, etc. These will be needed for your resume.

  5. Start thinking about a career and areas of interest.

  6. Take the FSA practices seriously. Everything will prepare you for the SAT and ACT.

  7. Whenever possible, visit local colleges and universities wherever you are. This will help you decide what you like and don’t like about a college in general.

  8. Retake any courses that resulted in a “D” or “F” for the semester. You can receive grade forgiveness for these classes which will help you raise your GPA.

  9. BEHAVE! Your college applications will ask you to explain any referrals that resulted in ISS or OSS.

  10. Start keeping paperwork and essays in the Locker feature of Coalition at:

  11. Start an account on , a scholarship fund based on classes, grades, etc.