Junior Year Goals


  1. Continue to challenge yourself academically by taking rigorous classes; AICE, AP, Honors.

  2. Stay involved and take leadership roles whenever possible.

  3. Continue to visit and research colleges and universities that interest you. Attend college fairs.

  4. Take the PSAT in October. You will need to register and pay a fee. Only the 11th grade PSAT can qualify students for National Merit Scholarships and other programs.

  5. Review the results of the PSAT in December. Most importantly, use the results to diagnose areas of weaknesses and prepare for the SAT and ACT. Connect your results to Khan Academy, https://www.khanacademy.org/, for personalized SAT practice.

  6. Register for college entrance testing in December or January. You will want to test several times to determine your best scores to submit to colleges.

  7. Decide whether a prep class or private tutoring may be necessary to improve your scores.

  8. Consider a summer program in an area of interest to you.

  9. Get the best grades you can by the end of Junior year.

  10. Set up an appointment with your College Advisor to discuss any questions you have.

  11. Prepare a list of colleges and universities to which you wish to apply.

  12. Think about which teachers (2) you will ask to write you a letter of recommendation for college.

  13. Organize your activities in your resume into topics such as honors and awards, community service, extracurricular activities, leadership, and work experience.

  14. During the summer, download any applications you need and begin to write drafts of essay questions, if there are any.

  15. Attend Boca High College Information Night with your parents/guardians.

  16. Update your Locker and Raise.me accounts.