The Days of The Bush

Some things need to be missed before we can really appreciate them. This is a fact that becomes clear to everybody at some point or another in their lives. Presidents are no exception to this rule, and many of us reminisce or daydream about living under the leadership of great Presidents of the past. Washington. Jefferson. Lincoln. Roosevelt. These men were not only holders of the prestigious title of being president, they were awesome at doing it too.

If we look at recent history, there is one President in particular who particularly stands out as being an outlier: George W. Bush. Under W’s wise leadership, America prospered, experiencing job surges and a raised standard of living across the nation. America was so prosperous that we even had time to start two wars! The current president hasn’t even started half as many because he has been so preoccupied listening to my phone conversations and flying drones with his buddies.

The 43rd president was truly a fine man. Few presidents had the ability to assert America’s dominance like he did, because what’s scarier to our associates than a cowboy who decides. As the man himself said “I’m the decider, I decide what is best.” Our associates were so scared, they lent us trillions of dollars (hey China, we’ll pay you back next year, pinky promise!). And at home, Bush identified with all of his people, unlike the enemies of America and freedom. “I couldn’t imagine someone like Osama Bin Laden understanding the joy of Hanukkah,” Bush stated at the annual Hanukkah lighting ceremony in December 2001. But, the wise leader reminded us that national unity is not limited to humans and assured us that, “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”

I think that all patriotic Americans can look to Bush for inspiration and to increase their partisan, nationalistic fervor. The American archetype of the true Southern man, Bush led us through the highs and lows of turbulent times preventing several nuculer wars and ensuring America freedom, liberty, bacon, and eggs. But everyone has their critics, and the history may not be recorded in George’s favor. Bush was a president like no other, and as he said best, “They misunderestimated me.”