Maze Runner Book Review

Maze Runner Book Review

Story by Mohona Ahmed, Staff Writer

Waking up in a dark, small box with no recollection of his past made Thomas very alert and scared. Once the box stopped travelling upwards, the ceiling of the cage revealed twenty boys greeting him.

All Thomas knew was his name, he didn’t know his birthday, who his parents were or where he was. Slowly Thomas started to adapt to his surroundings, learning about the glade and the maze. After two years of being stuck in the maze, the “gladers” have made this enclosed place their home. They farmed, had buildings, and roles in order to keep things running. An important role that appealed to Thomas was searching the maze, he wanted to be a runner.

Runners were the ones that went inside the maze before the walls closed to search for any possible way out. They also made sure to come out on time so that the grievers didn’t come and attack them. The grievers were the giant monster creatures that sprawled across the maze at night once the walls closed.

The only occurrence that confused and worried the gladers was when the regular monthly addition of a boy was followed by a girl.
The day after Thomas arrived, Teresa came in the box. She was the only girl that was ever entered their living vicinity, or as they call it, the glade. The second the box doors opened, she called Thomas’s name, even though they don’t recall knowing each other.

The gladers decided to keep an eye on her, especially because of what she said after being in her coma.
Teresa wasn’t any help in figuring out what was going on. But over the course of a week, everything started changing and no one knew what to do except Thomas.

Overall, James Dashner did a great job giving a visual description of each of the characters and their surroundings. Each page made me want to finish the book at that very second, there were no dull moments. Maze Runner is definitely a staple summer read, but if you still haven’t checked it out, it’s worth grabbing.

Maze Runner has also come out with a movie, which has just been released on September 19th. The movie is based on this book, featuring the same plot and characters.

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