Sushi wars: Who will take home the gold?


Story by Dom Milocco, Staff Writer

When in Boca, it isn’t hard to find a quality restaurant on about every corner. Say what you want about Boca, but we’ve got a salvo of superb food from just about every culture. Specifically, Asian fusion and sushi is one of Boca’s specialties. However, which restaurant is best for a night out on town or just a quick bite to eat? Which has the best menu? Best sushi overall? So sit tight and ready your chopsticks, because you’re about to dig in to the top sushi restaurants in Boca Raton.

Best for a quick bite to eat – Yokohama Sushi

Yokohama sushi offers a quick, walk-in-and-sit-down style establishment that entices college students and youths from all around the area. The sushi is rolled and shot out of the kitchen instantaneously and the flavor still packs a glorious punch. With affordable prices and an unpretentious menu selection, Yokohama keeps both students and typical city-goers in mind. When I experienced Yokohama two weeks ago, I was in and out of there in just under 30 minutes and was pleased with their service and sushi quality. Yokohama is one that will keep you coming back for more.

Best for a night out on the town – Ninja Spinning Sushi Bar

Let it be known that Ninja Spinning Sushi excels in the dining experience where it lacks in overall quality of food. This being said, don’t let that turn you away. Ninja Sushi is an experience in itself just to walk in and see the whole set up of their “spinning sushi bar”. The lighting is dark and moody and really sets the scene for a good night out in downtown Boca. Ninja is a restaurant that you would say “hey, I’ve always wanted to see what Ninja Sushi is like, let’s go try it out tonight!” It’s not a place that would have your repeated attendance, because it just isn’t presented like that. It has the traditional rolls such as shrimp tempura, Mexican roll, and spicy tuna roll, but then it goes absolutely wild with the rest. It just seems like it didn’t know what it wanted, so it just offered one of everything. Ninja is like a steakhouse, such as Ruth’s Chris; it’s simply worthy for a night out on the town and nothing more.

Best Menu – Lemongrass      

Lemongrass; the true staple of Asian cuisine in Boca also offers one of the greatest selections around. If you’ve been there, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that their menu is the bomb. An endless barrage of sushi rolls, Pad Thai, and soups, Lemongrass takes the cake without a doubt. Yokohama keeps it minimalistic, which is respectable, and Sushi Ray complicates the roll game a little too much, but Lemongrass is the happy median. There’s a roll for everyone and they’re mostly affordable, which means more of it! Not to mention, Lemongrass offers a traditional, family-recipe style menu which makes for a more unique dining experience.

Best Sushi Overall – Sushi Ray

Roll out the trophy, the wait is over! Sushi Ray dominates its Asian-fusion relatives in the sushi game. If you’re willing to splurge a little with your cash, you’ll get what you pay for. A simpler roll, such as a spicy tuna roll will cost you around $8, whereas their signature sushi rolls could be from $12 to $22.However, Sushi Ray is no joke when it comes to a roll of excellence, and I guarantee that they’ll be worthy of your most prized chopsticks. Presentation, which is key, is executed with expertise, and complimenting sauces are employed with talent. Nothing is drenched in an eel sauce or resting on a desert of a dish. Their fish is fresh and generously applied, which left me full and content when I dined with them. When it comes to sushi, as a restaurant, it’s hard to find your own taste; but Sushi Ray has certainly found it.


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