Upcoming Superhero Shows, and Returning Shows


Story by Andrew Prozorov, Copy Editor

“Arrow” and “The Flash” new Seasons in October, Plus other DC/Marvel shows

With the immense success of “Arrow” on the CW, the creators decided to spin-off Arrow and make The Flash, starring Grant Gustin. Both shows have received heavy hype, especially for the new season of Arrow, as things begin to heat up, including many new characters, such as Ray Palmer, who will be The Atom (played by Brandon Routh). The Flash will include a large host of the rogue’s gallery the original Flash is used to being pitted against, like Captain Boomerang, Reverse Flash, and Killer Frost. Arrow’s new season will also introduce a very prominent character in the comics, Ra’s Al Ghul, who is one of the most iconic villains in comic history.

Junior Patrick Lyons says, “Personally, I’m glad DC is putting forth a lot of effort to compete with Marvel.”

With these upcoming shows and seasons, it seems DC is really stepping up their cinematic universe. From Dawn of Justice coming in 2 years, and the talks of a Supergirl TV show, (also on the CW) they are looking to give Marvel a run for their money. (Who watches Agents of Shield anyways?) There is also a Daredevil show currently being filmed, which will become a Netflix original. Plus, with the shows Gotham and Constantine showing a different type of hero, this is truly a time to live for superheroes on the big screen and on your television.

The new season of Arrow will premiere on October 8th, whereas The Flash will premiere on October 7th, and both will appear on the CW.

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