From Comic Strips to the Big Screen


Story by Andrew Prozorov, Copy Editor

From Sam Raimi’s “Spiderman” movie in 2002, to today, superhero movies have certainly seen a leap in higher production and higher script and story quality. With the upcoming “Dawn of Justice” film in 2016, and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” coming out a few months after, the hype for superhero films is real. Comic book fans have long waited for on-screen portrayals of their favorite characters and based on the general love for these movies, and fans have definitely got what they wanted. Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man” is now an iconic role. Likewise, Hugh Jackman is the only person that plays “Wolverine” in the X-Men films, and his own standalone “Wolverine” film. Heroes like “Iron Man” or even Chris Evans as “Captain America” are now almost household names.

We live in a Golden Age for superhero films, and it can only continue to improve. In the next few years, we can expect from Marvel more Amazing Spiderman films, an Ant-Man film, another Captain America film, more X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and many more.

From DC, we can expect more Justice League films, possibly some standalone Justice League titles, (maybe a standalone Wonder Woman film) and a Green Lantern reboots. With “Arrow” and “The Flash” coming to TV in October, it means DC Comics as well as Marvel is getting a heck of a lot of screen time.

This also raises the question as to why superhero movies are so popular. Well, it’s not a hard question. Many people that grew up reading comics of their beloved heroes would obviously be excited to see them portrayed on screen. Henry Cavills’ Superman in “Man of Steel” was one of the best portrayals of Superman that fans have seen had since the late Christopher Reeve.  It’s a breathtaking experience to see ones favorite character on the big screen.

When Christopher Nolan came out with his Dark Knight trilogy, it was considered the best rendition that we have ever had of Batman in movies. Let’s not try to remember George Clooney’s Batman. Nolan’s Batman was a more grounded, realistic version though. Comic book Batman doesn’t scream, “WHERE WERE THE OTHER DRUGS GOING”. His methods of interrogation are albeit more professional. Ben Affleck stars as Batman in the upcoming “Dawn of Justice” film alongside Henry Cavill as Superman.

With the success of superhero films, movies are being made even for some not-so-known ones like Doctor Strange, Ant Man, and others. Not only are movies being made about big-name superheroes and characters, studios are even putting faith into stories that aren’t known well. Guardians of the Galaxy became a favorite for fans and critics alike. Taking a group of characters that the general public didn’t know about, and turning it into one of the most favored movies of the summer. This shows that studios can be more free when it comes to choosing a story to make a movie on, so for the next few years, expect to see a whole ton more superhero movies.

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