‘Tis the season of Vlogmas

Michelle Reed

Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

“Vlogmas” is an annual YouTube vlogging schedule that YouTubers follow in the month of December. They post daily “follow me around” videos leading up to Christmas Day. The concept was created by beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen better known as MissGlamorazzi in 2011.  A subscriber of Nilsen’s came up with the name of the video series as she opened up the discussion for the title of her holiday videos in the comments. In 2015, Nilsen has discovered that daily vlogging is “just not for her” and has decided to not participate in Vlogmas. While this is due to her decision to keep moments of her personal life private, Nilsen is extremely proud of having played a part in creating an occasion that YouTubers of all ages celebrate. Many are carrying on the tradition this year amongst some that have chosen to commence their first year of Vlogmas in the beginning of December.

British YouTubers Zoe Sugg or Zoella, Alfie Deyes (better known as PointlessBlog}, and Joe Sugg under the channel ThatcherJoeVlogs have all documented the month of December leading up to the Christmas festivities for about two years. From putting up the Christmas tree to traveling to Dubai, Zoe’s vlogs offer a variety in activities that she engages in but maintains an intimate sense to her videos as if she were simply conversing with a friend. That’s the reason these videos captivate so many people.

“I think this is the generation of noticing people,” senior Ashley Arch said.

Seeing someone’s authenticity and organic way of living is refreshing in a day and age when everything is staged, from weddings -cough the Kardashians- to finding the perfect spouse in one season as showcased on The Bachelor. For those who enjoy being in front of the camera, it’s a perfect way to capture fleeting memories and preserving the joy that such times may bring.

However, it can be physically taxing on vloggers to commit to the schedule since YouTubers have to film their entire day and edit it in time to post the next morning. Some students, ranging from high school to college have admitted that throughout the month of December their grades have dropped as a consequence of pulling all-nighters for editing. Although, all is worthwhile when subscribers’ spirits are lifted as they receive notifications from their favorite YouTubers new post.

“It gives me something to look forward to every day,” junior Oze Elimelech said.

More people than ever before are participating in Vlogmas and Nilsen encourages her subscribers to watch other people’s videos to continue the tradition. Teens have taken on the challenge by documenting their daily lives despite going to school as well; Michelle Reed is one of those dedicated filmmakers as she took part in the YouTube tradition last year. This year, she has chosen to start Vlogmas after finals because she acknowledges the importance of good grades. Her videos are entertaining because of her relatability and maturity. Her day one video from last year is linked above for those who want to join the vicious cycle of watching one after the other Vlogmas videos.  Others have created their own variations of Vlogmas such as Bethany Mota’s “Countdown to Christmas,” which isn’t as consistent as Vlogmas due to the fact that it involves her spontaneous activities done throughout the month. From decorating sugar cookies to making gingerbread houses the holidays are a time when people come together in the real world as well as virtually.

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