Gaga’s new work of art: Joanne


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Story by Lauren Pires, News Editor

Since 2006,  pop star Lady Gaga has created an abundant amount of memorable albums that have continuously changed the music industry. With compelling tracks that make us little monsters just want to stop and shake our hips, Lady Gaga caused an earthquake by warming the hearts of the fans who have been here since Lady Gaga’s mashup with Beyonce in “Telephone.” Gaga has taken a turn for the best, stepping away from her wild meat-dresses and creating a more classic look for herself.

The inspirational artist has continued to hit record breaking numbers, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 and selling 170,000 copies in its first week. Nobody can get enough of her graceful lyrics and catchy beats. The most popular song on the album, “Million Reasons,” begins with a harmonious piano and a country influence that Gaga perfects with passionate lyrics about hope and ambition. Gaga’s voice is accompanied with classic piano and guitar, creating a diverse vibe that differentiates herself from some of her other music with more electronic undertones. This song is great for all of the secret country-music lovers who have a pair of cowboy boots hidden in their closet.

However, the album still holds her original electronic pop in songs such as “Hey Girl” or “A-YO.” “Hey Girl” is a mix of retro and Indie, featuring Florence Welch, an English pop singer who is well-known for the song “Dog Days Are Over” from 2009. According to Gaga, the songs in Joanne are one of the most personal ones yet, and this is evident in “Hey Girl.” With lyrics like “Lady is it lonely? I been callin’ out your name. Tell me that you need me ‘cause I need you just the same,” it’s easily revealed that she’s speaking about the intoxicating emotions that derives from young love.

As for “A-YO,” anyone who breathes oxygen won’t be able to stop themselves from singing along to the catchy breakdown and imaginative verses. This song has a brilliant twist, reminiscing from her last album, Artpop. It includes guitar and percussion, the small solos in between verses truly making a difference to the overall beat of the song. It shows Gaga’s appreciation not only for the lyrics, but for the instrumental aspects of music. “A-YO’ hits all the key points that today’s kids love, bringing back country music with her own flamboyant twist of electronic rock. The fame monster who created songs such as “Poker Face” has changed the way she sings completely, stepping away from auto tune and running towards natural talent.

These songs were considered the biggest hits of Joanne, the wild lyrics and smooth country made fans fall head over heels for these new tracks. However, some of the other less-popular songs on the album such as “Sinner’s Prayer” have a strong meaning behind them. These lyrics pull listeners into the song, causing people to feel as if we’re a part of the intensity. The rift that plays at the intro is addicting to listen to, making us put this song on repeat.

All of the songs in Joanne possess a country tone that is different from any of her other albums. As Lady Gaga continues to grow stronger as an artist and as an individual, her music becomes more relatable to her fans and inspirational to other musicians. She continues to shock the world by becoming an idolized figure in our society through her community service and love for herself and others. At only thirty years old, Gaga’s never ending career is keeping fans on their toes, eager for the next album to steal their hearts the way Joanne did.

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