Ed Sheeran: Divide Tour

Photo by Rebecca Feldman

Story by Danielle Worthalter, Editor-in-Chief

Thousands of devoted fans of all ages filed into the American Airlines Arena to watch British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, perform his one man band.

On the final leg of his American Tour, Ed Sheeran performed in Downtown Miami on Wednesday, August 30th. Even a one month old baby, Cooper Sheeran, named after the famous singer, sat in third row at her very first concert. Teenagers and adults alike stood on their feet for the entirety of the concert jumping and swaying to the music.

Sheeran didn’t stick to performing the songs on his third and newest album, “÷,” but created a compilation of songs from all of his albums in order to make an exciting and memorable concert experience for everyone attending.

He played songs from his debut album, “+” such as The A Team, and You Need Me, I Don’t Need You in his encore performance; as well as Bloodstream and Photograph from his second album, “X.”

Sheeran strayed from the setlist by performing Supermarket Flowers and Barcelona and replacing the lyric “Barcelona,” with “Miami,” to honor the famously latin city.

“The energy was amazing,” said high school concertgoer Rebecca Feldman. “Ed was on his feet the whole time.”

Keeping the audience on their toes, Sheeran rarely missed a beat in his performance as he was running and jumping across the stage. The British performer constantly switched from a slower love song to a fast-beat hit so there was never minute wasted. With each new song, Sheeran took a moment to introduce a new guitar and eventually ripped the strings off of one of his infamous acoustic guitars. He even made sure to gather the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday,” to his manager.

“Even though they say gingers have no soul, when I went to the Ed Sheeran concert I decided that was not the case. He had nothing but soul,” said Feldman.

The stage behind Sheeran seemed to be moving with him and was changing in response to each song. Panels lit up with Sheeran’s face surrounded the stage allowing him to be seen from every angle in the arena. During Photograph, baby photos appeared, and during Sing the lyrics appeared in bright letters surrounded by red, orange, and yellow confetti.

The performance brought the crowd together and was a memorable concert for all the attendees.

Sheeran’s U.S. tour makes its final lap in Nashville, Tennessee on October 7th before he heads to Hong Kong for his last concert of 2017.

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