Phantom of The Opera Review


In the 2018-2019 show season at the Broward Center, the first show on the list is the cult classic “Phantom of the Opera”.

Overall the performance was great, the intro to the musical was done so chillingly it became arguably one of the show favorite parts of the show, and instantly drew in the audience’s curiosity for what would come in the remainder of the show. The technical aspects of the show were also a level i had never before witnessed. From the falling chandelier to the moving sets, an extendable staircase, and pyrotechnics, the show exhibited an amazing level of stage effects. And of course, the show allows the perfect atmosphere to get in the spirit of Halloween.


The set and costuming were by far, from a technical aspect, the most awe inspiring aspect of the show. Characters of the show go through multiple costumes of glitz and glamour matching the time period or brilliantly executed stage costumes for “performances” that occur in the show.


The entire set was breathtaking, the central pieces of the set towered to the very height of the theatre stage and rotated with moving parts and compartments to complete the setting of each scene of the show. It was so brilliantly executed that it put almost any other stage sets to shame of all the other shows I have had the pleasure of viewing; the way it was executed truly allowed the audience to immerse themselves in a scene that would seem almost larger than life.


Lighting was another good aspect of the show and played a key role. Projections were a well done storytelling aspect of the show and dimming and flickering of lights as well as blackouts helped emphasize the spooky elements of the shows storytelling and helped portray the show in a thrilling way.


The casting was done fairly well and each character excelled in vocals, the operatic style of the show was done exceptionally and with harmonies were done well without generally any of the cast being over toned. Chemistry between characters varied between actors though still flowed well.


Now for the more critical parts of this review. Though the performance was amazing however there were minor issues with sound production, blocking, and stage transitions, the general blocking of the show needed work and overshadowed characters at some points even so, these issues were minor. Transitions between scenes didn’t have a good flow for actors and seemed chunky. Sound issues only occurred with some of the minor characters whose mics weren’t on for some of the show meaning dialogue would have been lost to those in the back of the theatre.


Pyrotechnics were an effect included in the show that would either be a hit or a miss to the audience, of the people I spoke to after the show opinions on them were split. Some were awed by the effects, others felt it was overkill as it was used very frequently in the show for dramatic effect.


The show was still overall, fantastic. I would recommend the show to anyone who shares an interest in theatre, even despite the show’s minor production flaws.