Cheap Holiday gifts

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Cheap Holiday gifts

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Cheap holiday Gifts:


‘Tis the season for sharing, rejoicing the holiday season, and for … gift giving. Yep, the one thing people love to get and dread to give. Some people are born with the innate power of gift giving, while most spend hours trying to come up with a practical, good, and inexpensive gift. But alas their reign is nigh, it is the age of Amazon, fellow decibels. Gift giving has actually never been easier, Amazon gives buyers cheap and reliable prices, which then forces retail stores to drop their prices resulting in a win-win for buyers. So this year, there’s no excuse for not getting into the holiday spirit. Here’s a list of affordable, vogue and chic gifts


-World map laundry bag

Who enjoys doing laundry? Certainly not anyone rational, so why not spruce it up with a world map laundry bag. For a whopping price of six dollars, it will definitely make something mundane a little more fun.


-Scented Candles

In those weeks leading up to Christmas, everyone’s house smells of delicious pine. In the weeks after, when that pine tree’s desiccated corpse has been tossed out into the street for trash pickup, a nice scented candle can fill the void it left behind (However, some people were born with very sensitive olfactory (smell) senses, and may find strongly scented candles aggravating rather than soothing).


– Cookies/Baked goods

A power that never goes unnoticed is one’s ability to bake/cook.  Every sane person loves the taste and smell of homemade baked goods, enough said. Be mindful of people’s allergies when giving/making baked goods.


-Inscribed glasses

Sprucing something simple up can go a long way. Just like with the laundry bags, normal drinking glasses can a rather boring thing. So gifting someone a cool looking glass would most likely put a smile on their face and improve their drinking experience. Inscribed glasses are priced ranged around fifteen to twenty dollars per set of glasses.


-A few free months of a Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go

Nowadays most ‘good shows’ are on one of these online platforms and people want to unwind when they get home. Netflix is great for that friend who’s yet to experience the joy of originals like Orange is the New Black. Hulu is ideal for those who want to stay current on their favorite shows but refuse to watch cable.


-Homemade holiday wreaths 

Living wreaths are an impressive and welcome holiday gift. They’re not difficult to make — all that’s need is some evergreen boughs, assorted greenery, and wire. In a couple hours, several wreaths that would easily retail between seventy and one-hundred dollars would have been made for a fraction of the retail cost.


-A good book

The classic holiday picture painted is that of hot chocolate, a toasty room, cozy blanket, and a phenomenal book. For loved ones who love a bit of Shakespeare then Macbeth is a prime gift. If ancient Rome is more of someone’s taste, then the Aeneid is an epic poem that will captivate anyone. The key part of gifting a book is to cater it to the giftees style.


If in doubt, just fork some money over. While most of the time this a “meaningless” gift it’s still something and the person can spend it on whatever they choose.


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