Twenty One Pilots Comeback Album, ‘Trench’

Twenty One Pilots Comeback Album, 'Trench'

Story by Zoe Wexler, Staff Writer

Twenty One Pilots, the international alternative duo, is coming back stronger than ever with their fifth full-length album, Trench. The album is scheduled to be released on October 5th, followed by the kickoff of their “Bandito Tour” in Nashville, Tennessee on October 16th.

Fans of Twenty One Pilots were especially excited to hear about Trench, since the announcement of the album signaled the ending of the band’s year-long hiatus. On the same day that the band announced the soon-to-be-released album, they simultaneously put out two singles, titled “Nico and the Niners” and “Jumpsuit.” The overwhelming positive feedback that Twenty One Pilots received that day, even after being gone for so long, shows just how much their fans love them.

“Starting out as a band in their garage to now, winning awards, their fanbase is huge and so supportive of them,” said freshman, Isabella Welch.

The band has made a big point of showing their fans just how much they appreciate their love and devotion throughout the promotion on Trench. Days before the album was announced, mysterious billboards were put up showcasing yellow tape with the band’s logo written on it. This same image was found on the official band website, covering the button that allowed fans to sign up for the Twenty One Pilots newsletter. Fans speculated that this action was meant to symbolize the fact that Trench was an album meant for the fans who continued to support Twenty One Pilots, even throughout the hiatus.

Band members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, also announced that the album was a continuation of their fourth album, Blurryface. The concept of the 2015 album surrounded an intangible character named Blurryface, who acted as a polar opposite to the lead singer, Tyler Joseph. Fans are pleased that the story of Blurryface from the fan favorite album will be carried on, and also about the fact that the upcoming album will show a new side to Twenty One Pilots.

The band has told fans that Trench will contain more slow songs and less upbeat melodies and backtracks. The reason for this is that throughout the making of the album, the band decided that they wanted to correct the mistakes now evident to them from their first, self-titled album. The band stated that there were not very many slow tracks in the album and they did not really know how to write those types of songs back then. Fans can expect to see more lyrically complex songs with messages that are very meaningful to the band in Trench.

This new era of Twenty One Pilots has fans from all over the world talking. The band has sold out many of their shows in their upcoming “Bandito Tour,” and are selling pre-ordered copies of Trench left and right. The success of Twenty One Pilots only continues to grow, and with the help of their dedicated fans, this new album and tour will take them far.

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