The Diviners: Hard Work Pays Off

Story by Katie Lennon, Staff Writer

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Boca High’s drama program put on this year’s school play, The Diviners. The Diviners is a play about a 14-year-old boy who had a near-death experience when he was very young. The 14-year-old, Buddy Layman, almost drowned as a child but his mother saved him. By doing this, his mother passed away and Buddy lived. This experience gave Buddy a special connection to water. In the end, Buddy’s life ends up coming full circle and he drowns while finally overcoming his fear of water.

The crew of this production were able to bring to life this story of Buddy Layman’s life. The costumes were true to the time period and helped add personality to each of the characters. By only looking at what each of the characters were wearing, someone could tell a lot about who they were. Buddy’s dirty, ripped clothes allowed the audience to better understand Buddy’s part and helped portray the way he was feeling. On the other hand, Darlene’s, a young, flirty teenager who lives in the town, dress was clean, revealing her neat personality. Overall, the costumes were very well done and helped the audience understand each character better and make the people watching feel like they know the characters. Alyssa Diaz, a sophomore and head of costumes, emphasized the importance of costuming.

“Once a person gets in costume, they become more of the character and start to feel more confident,” said Diaz.

However, costumes were not the only thing contributing to the story, the set had a big impact on the tone of the play. The set was very well made and each set piece and the props within helped the audience understand what was happening in the story and understand how each character lives.

Throughout the entire play, the lighting was always well-done and always fit the mood of each scene. The lighting in the last scene was the part that stood out the most. When Buddy Layman is drowning, the lighting goes from a normal, sunny day, to the stage being lit by dark, blue lights to give the illusion of being underwater. These lights help the audience feel as if they are living through the drowning with Buddy and they can feel how scared he is.

“The lighting and the blocking and how coordinated everyone was allowed me to feel the connection between everyone,” said sophomore Calvin Zanetti, who played Buddy.

The entirety of the cast did an outstanding job with portraying their characters and putting on a dramatic, yet still light-hearted at times, play. The cast was able to take a character written on a page and bring them to life. The interactions among the actors on stage were true to their characters and created natural chemistry on stage. All of the performances were convincing, but Buddy’s death scene had a particularly strong impact on the audience. When Buddy starts drowning and the lights change to blue, the audience falls quiet. By this point in the play, almost all the characters were on the stage and all of their performances made for a stunning scene. The emotions portrayed on stage made the audience feel more connected to the show and really feel like they were a part of it.

Zanetti also mentions that because in the play his character has trigger words, he started paying attention to them in real life and if he heard them in conversation, he would find some way to react to them.

“I watched the film, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and watched Leonardo Dicaprio’s character,” said Zanetti when preparing for his role.

Putting on a play requires lots of people, backstage and onstage. Each year, Boca High’s plays improve, and this year was no different. Everything from the lighting to the acting was spectacular and realistically portrayed the story.

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