Have fans gone too far?


Story by Zoe Wexler, Staff Writer

With today’s social media, the spread of private celebrity information is a very prevalent issue. Although celebrities appear to put their entire lives on display, many overly obsessed fans and paparazzi will go to great lengths in order to exploit the little privacy that celebrities do have. Modern technology makes this exploitation fairly easy, but that does not mean that it leaves no effect on celebrities.

While many social media influencers have a lot of their lives on display, they prefer to keep their private time to themselves. Often times, fans will disrespect these wishes, and harass celebrities by unexpectedly showing up at their houses or following them around. James Charles, Youtube makeup artist, had a very recent encounter with fans.

After multiple incidents of fans showing up uninvited to his home in California, Charles expressed his extreme discomfort regarding the situation online. He described that fans would come to his doorstep asking for autographs and pictures, taking away any sense of safety he had in his home. This action from his fans could have led to more extreme dangers for the Youtube star if he did not take action.

“Invading the privacy of celebrities can make them feel unsafe in their own personal life. It can make them feel like they don’t have any part of their lives for just themselves,” said sophomore Angelika Ziemecki.

James Charles is not the only one to encounter such disrespectful fans and uneasy feelings in recent months. In early January, actress Diane Kruger and boyfriend Norman Reedus spoke up on Instagram about events in which paparazzi posted images of the couple’s three month-old baby. These photographs were taken through the windows of the couple’s home, presenting a major invasion of the family’s privacy. Kruger stated that they wanted to raise the child without the pressure of the media, and were not posting pictures of their daughter so that she could grow up without being in the constant eye of the public.

Youtube stars, Ethan and Grayson Dolan have also suffered severe disrespect from their fans last month with the death of their father. In an effort to support the Dolan twins, fans wanted to attend the wake of the father and plan a meetup. Although the fans may only have been trying to comfort the twins in their time of mourning, this was greatly upsetting to the Youtube stars. Both Ethan and Grayson shared that they wanted their father’s ceremony to be for those who were close to their family and appreciated privacy at the wake.

Although the pressures of the media are very prevalent in American culture, many overseas celebrities face the same difficulties. For example, in South Korea, stars are often subject to invasive paparazzi websites and fans. These fans, called “sasaengs” spend countless hours gathering private information so that they can get recognition from their favorite artists. Sasaengs will spend thousands of dollars in order to be at each and every event that artists attend. This includes gaining information about international flights and harassing them at airports. These fans are blatantly stalking their idols, creating stressful situations and completely disregarding the mental health of the celebrities.

Celebrities are more heavily impacted by the invasions of their privacy than fans may like to think. Having cameras constantly in one’s face can severely damage one’s mental state, and can lead to extreme stress or even worse problems. Celebrities can also become paranoid, due to the fact that they might always have someone watching them, even when they believe that they are alone.

This wrongly acquired information is important to avoid out of respect for celebrities. Although they are already being watched whenever they step foot outside, they deserve to keep the little privacy they have to themselves. Fans should acknowledge the celebrity’s choice to keep certain things outside of the eye of the public and should respect the boundaries that are set. Celebrities deserve to be treated with the same respect that every other person is given, because at the end of the day, celebrities are just regular people.

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