Living Local

Story by Jasmine Diaz and Victoria Fondeur

Teachers grow up somewhere, and funny enough, some of them were raised in the same place you were, Palm Beach County. We went around and asked some of our Boca High teachers who were raised in Palm Beach County some questions about growing up here.

Alena Balliram teaches AP Physics. She said that her favorite restaurant around the area, “growing up, would have to be Carabba’s because they would give kids raw pizza dough that you could play with.” When we asked Balliram what restaurant she loved that she did not expect to, she mentioned Bolay. She says, “many people do not expect to like it because it is gluten free,” but to her surprise it was very good.



Ryan Aronson is an AICE U.S. History teacher here. We asked him what his favorite beach was, and he said he wasn’t going to say because he rather not have kids try to find him at the beach. Be sure to say hi if you do happen to see him! Aronson said his favorite place to celebrate the holidays is “right here in the good ol’ 561.” He remembers his favorite memory being “when the first Chipotle opened nearby.” The most Florida thing he has ever seen happen is “when people stop traffic highway and risk their lives to move a turtle across the street.”


Morgan Gaskill, who teaches AICE Biology,said that in all her years of living in Palm Beach County, the biggest act of kindness she has seen before was from back when she was working at Starbucks. “A man came in and after paying for his order gave $100 to pay for however many orders came after him.” While that was all nice. Something that is a pet peeve of Gaskill when it comes to the drivers of Palm Beach County is their tendency of “not using their turn signals or when they use the wrong signal so you think they are going the opposite way.” When asked if she had ever seen a celebrity here Gaskill said she once “saw Adam Sandler at the movie theater.”




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