“The Best Stinking Party in Florida”

Vampires all around Palm Beach should stay in during this epic festival!

Story by Gabriela Odisio, Opinion Editor

Taking place in Lake Worth during February 8th and 9th, the South Florida Garlic Fest is only one week away. In a celebration of its 20th year, the 2020 Internationally Awarded event is impossible to miss. 

One lap around the festival’s Gourmet Alley was already enough for it to get featured on Food Network and Cooking Network, as a variety of dishes is presented to the public in which garlic is the main star. From garlic burgers to garlic ice cream, this event is an undeniably unconventional Saturday afternoon plan.

Departing from usual food fairs, the South Florida Garlic Fest offers so much more than just great food. While kids get busy in the carnival rides and hands-on “Garlic University,” parents and teens enjoy demonstrations of graffiti and street art.

In the background of it all, various music acts give the event its final touch, filling up the entire day with high quality shows of your favorite national bands. 

For those who wish an even more exclusive experience, VIP passes are available for purchase, granting all lucky ones with special shaded areas and even a private bartender.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, parents, and younger siblings and head up to Lake Worth in February’s second weekend, leave the minty gum at home and enjoy the “garlickness” of it all.


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