Harry Styles’s Fine Line Review

Story by Allison Bertolino, Staff Writer

After One Direction‘s split in 2015, most members began making their solo music. Harry Styles, a 25-year-old British artist had his debut single, Sign Of The Times in 2017, along with later in the year, his first self-titled solo album, Harry Styles. Once his tour for this album finished in 2018, fans were ready for the next thing. He’s been working on new music for a while now and he released his second album on December 13th, 2019, almost three years later. Not only did Styles release his new album, Fine Line, but he also released his worldwide tour dates. 

Before Styles’ solo career began, fans were waiting and had no idea what to expect with his new and own music. In 2017 when his first single came out, One Direction fans went wild and Styles’ even gained a new group of fans with his brand new style. Changing his music style and fashion after One Direction, left everyone very surprised for the new and improved “Harry Styles”. The album Harry Styles topped the charts, releasing so many iconic songs such as “Kiwi” and “Sweet Creature”. Even though the album was a great success, and after time has passed, fans were ready for more. 

On October 11th with only a couple hours of warning, Styles released his first single and music video from the new album, already grossing over 40 million views. Before the album release, Styles dropped a total of three singles: “Lights Up”, “Watermelon Sugar”, and “Adore You”, which have a total of 61 million Youtube views and over 220 million Spotify streams. There have been several interviews with Styles’ to talk about the new album. In a recent interview with Styles for Rolling Stone Magazine, he explains that this album is filled with the most soulful songs he’s ever written and is all about feeling sad. 

Listening to Fine Line compared to Harry Styles, there is a completely different tone and Styles is spot on with explaining the album as being sad. Songs such as “Cherry”, “Falling”, and “Fine Line” are only some of the several more emotional songs, which is completely different for Styles, along with a different approach in sound and production.

 Comparing this album to his first, there is a huge difference in production quality along with a change in his sound. In his new album, Styles added a different style of instrumental that adds a certain funk that wasn’t in his older songs. Not only this, but the way Styles has made his new songs much more personal and vulnerable really changes the game for him as an artist. As Styles shows his true personality in his performance and fashion choices, he continues to show more truth in his music, making Fine Line so different, personal, and creative than anything that has been released from him in the past. 

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