50 Travel Tips and Tricks


Story by Victoria Fondeur, Staff Writer

When it’s time to travel and you are caught up in the excitement of going somewhere new, it is very easy to forget things. So here are fifty tips and tricks to help the next time you travel:


  1. Don’t forget the little things- toothbrushes, hairbrushes, phone chargers,  all of these things seem like obvious things to pack but when you forget them it can make your life much harder.
  2. Make a packing list to ensure you have everything.
  3. If flying, check your airline’s luggage requirements.
  4. Pack light- try and use multi-purpose clothes, things that you can make into one or two outfits.
  5. Pack clothes you would normally wear that you are comfortable in.
  6. Check the weather, wherever you are going. 
  7. Pack two pairs of shoes – one for everyday, and one for if you are going somewhere nice.
  8. When you are packing liquids (like soap, shampoo and conditioner) have a separate bag so if anything leaks it doesn’t get on your clothes or shoes.
  9. Don’t over or under plan.
  10. Bring things to entertain yourself on the plane or in the car, especially for a long trip.
  11. Keep everything you will need for the day in a travel bag.
  12.  Manage time and money.
  13. Be adventurous, don’t stay in your comfort zone. 
  14. Be aware of your surroundings in unfamiliar areas. 
  15. Be sure to make sure any valuable items are stored safely. 
  16. Dress for the appropriate situations i.e. wedding, pool, beach, church, temple. 
  17. Buy useful souvenirs like T-shirts, jewelry, etc.
  18. Get school assignments before you leave on a trip so you can be prepared when you return.
  19.  Write down all important phone numbers on a piece of paper just in case you run out of battery.
  20. Be in the moment, don’t constantly check your phone.
  21. Check cultural customs to be respectful of the place you are going.
  22. Have a positive attitude for when things go wrong.
  23. Buy tickets online to avoid long lines.
  24. Pack an extra long charging cable.
  25. Pack portable chargers.
  26. Bring a refillable water bottle so you don’t spend as much money.
  27. Bring extra undergarments.
  28. Eat local food.
  29. Bring ID with you everywhere. 
  30. Take memorable pictures. 
  31. Bring things that remind you of home if going away for extended periods for example, a blanket or a pillow. 
  32. Make sure you have enough money to cover any additional expenses i.e. medical issues.
  33. Get familiar with the area, to have a more relaxed trip.
  34. Know hotel accommodations. 
  35. Look for deals on airfare and hotels.
  36. Pack with enough time to check over that you have everything. 
  37. Don’t judge something before you try it.
  38. Visit interesting places. 
  39. Take it slow, don’t rush.
  40. Make sure you have enough water, it is very easy to get dehydrated during trips.
  41. Look up places with free Wi-Fi in case of an emergency. 
  42. Don’t over expend your energy. 
  43. Accept that you won’t see everything. 
  44. Carry a small first-aid kit.
  45. Always bring a jacket even if you are going somewhere hot.
  46. Wear sunscreen. 
  47. Make a list of the top things you want to do.
  48.  Make sure you have any medication you take in your carry-on luggage.
  49. Don’t expect things to be like they are at home.
  50. Confirm your flight.

Photo by Victoria Fondeur

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