Drive-In Movies Review


Story by Sarah Lynott, Features Editor

Ever since the world went under COVID-19 guidelines, many activities that keep us entertained have been stripped away, like going to the movies. Even though movie theaters are now open, drive-in movie theaters around the state have given people something to look forward to during this time since they are a great way to stay entertained while staying safe.

Mikayla Cohen and Leah Sommer, juniors, both saw drive-in movies at one of the most popular drive-ins in Florida during the pandemic at Dolphins Stadium in Miami. One can either drive on top of the field and watch the movie from their car on the jumbotron inside the stadium, or watch the movie from cabanas outside the stadium. 

“You get to sit there and enjoy a movie with other people like the days before Corona, but you can still maintain a safe distance from people while doing so,” said Cohen. 

Cohen saw Jurassic Park and thought it was a great way to bring people together in a safe manner to try and make this pandemic as normal as it can be while still being safe and following restrictions given. 

Specifically at the Dolphins Stadium drive-in, the staff is very organized. They give you the option to order food or bring your own, which makes people feel like they are at an event. 

They also follow very strict rules about when to wear your mask: you have to wear a mask at all times besides when you are eating or drinking. This allows the public ensured safety even though they are six feet apart.

“I saw The Goonies at Hard Rock Stadium. I think that since we all have been under restrictions, they have become popular because people still want to be entertained,” said Sommer. 

The drive-ins make a night of fun, given the circumstances our world is currently in, available to the public. 

“I love the idea of bringing a bunch of blankets and having a comfy set up in a car while eating snacks,” said Cohen. 

The feel of the drive-in movie theater is very relaxing and enjoyable. Like Cohen said you are able to bring blankets, snacks, and drinks of your own to make the night even better. The ability to be able to do this due to the pandemic is very lucky. 

Overall, drive-in movie theaters are a safe way to have a fun night out with your friends or family to enjoy a movie outside. It is a great opportunity to watch a movie and feel comfortable given the situation our world has at hand. 

“I enjoy it and would do it again because I felt comfortable,” said Sommer.

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