Introducing: the cast of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical

Introducing: the cast of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical

Story by Elena Rivera, Copy Editor

The Boca High drama department will be performing the show Jekyll and Hyde on March 12 through 14. Based on the classic novel, the show follows the story of Dr. Jekyll and his struggle with his alter-ego, Mr. Hyde.


Due to COVID-19, the show will be streamed online. The ticket information and donation links for the show can be found at The cast has worked hard to ensure that COVID guidelines are being followed, and is performing at a production studio instead of the theater in order to ensure an ideal viewing experience for the audience.


“A lot of our blocking has to be as distanced as possible, and we will be wearing clear masks throughout the show,” said cast member and junior Faith Alfieri. “We are unfortunately unable to have a live audience so the whole show will be live streamed from a professional production studio.”


Calvin Zanetti – Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde

Based on the main characters of the book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two separate identities who fight for control over the mind of one body. They are opposites of each other; Dr. Jekyll is a rational man of science, whereas Mr. Hyde is a violent madman.


“I play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They are two bodies in one mind, constantly struggling to be dominant over one another, proving to see if good or evil is the true force inside every person,” said senior Calvin Zanetti. “I am excited for this show because it’s been one of my ‘bucket list shows,’ and I am really excited to get the opportunity to tell the story of this man in my own unique and personal way.”


Samantha Barnes – Emma Carew

Emma Carew is a graceful and supportive, yet strong-willed member of high society in Victorian England. She is one of characters created for the musical that is not present in the books, and she is the love interest of Dr. Jekyll.


“I would describe my character Emma Carew as a very strong woman in high society. For being a woman in the Victorian era, she is very headstrong and has a mind of her own,” said senior Samantha Barnes. “I am really excited for the show because Mr. Whitcomb was able to figure out a way for us to put on two plays this year and I am very grateful that we were able to do so and that I got a senior show.”


Faith Alfieri – Lucy Harris

Lucy Harris is a driven and resourceful woman who makes her living as a dancer. She is one of the musical’s main love interests, along with Emma Carew. Like Emma, her character was created for the musical and is not present in the book.


“Lucy is a dancer at the club the Red Rat and runs into Jekyll there and they become friends. She eventually falls in love with him and by default has feelings for his alter ego Hyde,” said junior Faith Alfieri. “I am so excited to get to just perform again and do what I love while still staying safe.”


Aidan Molamphy – John Utterson

John Utterson is an upstanding and serious lawyer who is a friend to Dr. Jekyll. He is always loyal and supportive of Jekyll, even as he struggles with Mr. Hyde. Throughout the show, Utterson is looked to as the example of a true Victorian-era gentleman, showing the quality of his character.


“Utterson is fiercely loyal to his friend Henry Jekyll, whom he is also lawyer and advisor to. Even as Jekyll’s life starts to take a turn for the worst, he is there by his friend’s side until the bitter end,” said senior Aidan Molamphy. “I personally am extremely excited for the show because of all the intricate technological aspects we will be using to live stream the performance. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind show and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”


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