Show Review, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The title card for Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. The silhouette in the picture is that of Sabrina Spellmen and a Baxter High sweater that she is wearing.

The title card for Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. The silhouette in the picture is that of Sabrina Spellmen and a Baxter High sweater that she is wearing.

Story by Christian (CJ) Joseph Walden, Staff Writer

To travel the path of light or the path of night? This is the question that is constantly being asked to our main character, Sabrina Spellmen. 

The Netflix Original, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, or CAOS for short, is originally based off of the series Sabrina the Teenage Witch and a set of graphic novels that were written back starting in 2014. However, CAOS takes a very dark and satanic turn. Within the town of Greendale, Massachusetts there lies a satanic witch coven. All members of this coven are born witches and upon their sixteenth birthday, they sign their name away to Satan, also called Lucifer Morningstar. However, this is not the case for Sabrina Spellmen.

Sabrina is a half mortal and half witch. Her father was the powerful warlock and High Priest of the Church Of Night and her mother was a human. By the beginning of the show, both of her parents are dead and Sabrina is being raised by her father’s sisters, Zelda and Hilda Spellmen. 

The show is action-packed with loads of magic, demons, creatures, and threatening situations that Sabrina and her allies have to go through.

SPOILER WARNING (There will be spoilers to the entirety of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina within the rest of the story)

For the better part of almost two seasons, we are to believe Sabrina is half witch and half mortal. However, near the end of season two we discover that Sabrina is not the daughter of Edward Spellmen, but is the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. Sabrina has to constantly fight between the two sides of her lineage, and while it may be a little repetitive, it is still spectacularly done within CAOS. 

However, it is later revealed that in Season 4 of the show Sabrina is now despised by her birth father Lucifer Morningstar and by her adoptive father Edward Spellmen. Edward fully admits that he did not want Sabrina, nor did he want Satan’s child. Furthermore, Sabrina’s relationship with her birth father improves slightly when Sabrina splits into two versions of herself. After imprisoning Lucifer, the Underworld needed a new leader and Sabrina claimed the throne. In the end, in order for her to win she had to use time travel resulting in two Sabrinas existing. One Sabrina went on to become Queen Of Hell and the other to live a normal witching life. However, in Season 4, Queen Sabrina dies after escaping a weird “Void Dimension” in order to warn everyone else. This results in Lucifer hating the regular Sabrina and her truly having no father figure.

“I think Sabrina’s relationship with her father (Lucifer) could have been better if he had accepted her after the other Sabrina had died, after all they were similar,” said senior Maria Inciarte. “It is sad that neither of Sabrina’s father figures loved her, or truly ever had the chance to do so.”

The aforementioned Void Dimension that killed Queen Sabrina is all a part of Season 4’s Void plotline. The void is an all-powerful being that can destroy the entire universe, and needs to be stopped. Sabrina and her rag-time team of witches and mortals work to combat the void. However, in the end Sabrina contains the entirety of the void within herself, and there is only one course of action to take: to banish the void within Sabrina that is within her blood. This ends up killing our beloved Sabrina Edwina Diana Spellmen Morningstar. 

Luckily enough, in the end Sabrina gets somewhat of a happy ending. She is living in her afterlife and her warlock boyfriend decides to end his life in order for him to be with his beloved. Everything in the realms goes back to normal, Lucifer goes back to ruling hell, the Order Of Hecate goes on with their duties, and the mortals go back to living their normal lives.

“The plot of the void was kind of confusing,” said Inciarte. “It was hard to follow with Sabrina going into the void and then her having the void go inside of her. I truly do not think Sabrina should have died at the end since she had gone through a lot. Sabrina sacrificed herself during the entire show and she should have had at least one moment of happiness at the end.”

While the plot of Season 4 was a little strange, and we did have to deal with Sabrina dying, in the end, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is definitely a show worth watching.

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