Park Avenue BBQ Grille


One of the PA BBQ signature dishes.

Story by Kenneth Cross, Staff Writer

The Park Avenue BBQ Grille is a hot topic among Bobcats who have visited and enjoyed the eatery. The Park Avenue BBQ Grille is a chain of small, but fierce, establishments with 35 exciting menu options. Its most popular dish is the Pulled Pork sandwich. The nearest location is in Boca Raton at the corner of Dixie Hwy and Glades Rd.  The manager always talks to the customers, whether it is greeting them or asking them how their meal was. It is clear that the manager legitimately cares about customer satisfaction. After being seated, your drink order is taken, and sauces and spicy pickles are delivered.

Even though the restaurant is usually packed, the wait time is never more than ten minutes. The restaurant has many television screens for customers to watch while they wait. The food is all fresh and cooked to order. If BBQ is not for you, there are other options available, like fish and salad. Unlike many other BBQ restaurants, the PA BBQ is an inexpensive meal that rivals other high end BBQ restaurants. The waiters are all attentive, check on you regularly, clear the table immediately, and refill drinks before they run out.

The PA BBQ is all about customer is priority, quick service, and efficiency. It is a great place to go on the weekend for a great  meal at a reasonable price.

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