Sushi Ray Restaurant Review


Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

Sushi Ray is a restaurant that has sushi and hibachi in one. Personally, I don’t like sushi and I never have, but I love hibachi. Hibachi is a type of medium that people who don’t like sushi but love to have their food presented well may enjoy. I do hear that the sushi is phenomenal from all of my family and friends. Sushi Ray is an amazing place to throw parties because, for the hibachi, they cook your food in front of you and make fun shapes like a heart out of your rice. One thing they do with the rice heart is they make the heart beat and that’s one of their signature moments. The most famous trick from there would be the volcano because what they do is build a volcano out of onions and set it on fire. Yes, the performance is amazing but the food is even better. The fried rice there is out of this world. They have great service and a four stars out of five rating. Every time my friends have gone they always tell me great things about the atmosphere and the scenery of the restaurant. The scenery of the restaurant in my opinion is very relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable. Sushi Ray is located in the Town Center Plaza, which is very convenient and easy to get to,you could have a fun day at the mall with your friends and then head over for Sushi Ray for a great dinner or lunch. After you have dinner it’s fun to walk around the shops and get a coffee or ice cream. I highly recommend Sushi Ray for an evening out! This place is a great location for any birthday party, a family dinner, a team dinner, or  just a fun night out with friends. This place is in a great, convenient location and so close to home that there’s no reason to not go and enjoy.


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