Bobcats by Day, YouTubers by Night

Sammy Scott


Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

By now, most students already have their schedules packed with club meetings or sporting events. In the case of three Boca High students; Sarah Gibson, Samantha Scott, and Jenna Fiorenzi; they add YouTubing to their extracurricular list. Each of them manages their YouTube channels with an impressive amount of subscribers to show for their hard work. Scott and Fiorenzi’s channels specialize in beauty and fashion whereas Gibson’s channel is devoted to singing.

The reason Scott began her channel (see her channel here) was out of boredom. However, she was able to gain followers and friends through uploading videos consistently. According to Scott, the secret to maintaining an active channel is to plan out her videos in advance.

“It’s so hard but I try to film (videos) and edit beforehand and just schedule the upload,” says Scott. She also makes time for cheerleading and figure skating. If school gets ahead of her, she handles it by keeping her subscribers updated.

“My favorite videos to film are talking (discussion) videos, because I feel like I’m more myself, and I can talk to my subscribers,” Scott said.

As for Fiorenzi (see her channel here), she most enjoys filming makeup looks. She began her channel to teach younger girls to be confident. She recalls that when she was younger, she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. Now Fiorenzi hopes to inspire her subscribers to “be themselves” and loves that YouTube gives her the opportunity to express herself through videos. Of course, YouTube still comes second on her to-do list.

“School is obviously my first priority so I have to deal with that first but when I have free time I try to upload… Youtube is just a hobby. I just try to balance it as best as I can, “Fiorenzi says.

For Gibson (see her channel here), YouTube is a place where everyone is given an equal opportunity to be heard. She stumbled upon the idea of making a singing channel on Instagram.

“A lot of people told me that I should go bigger to be heard more,” Gibson remarks. Gibson can’t really put an exact age to when she started singing. But she does remember discovering she could sing Christina Aguilera songs. “I was eight and I was singing at Nordstrom because some girl asked to hear my voice and gave me a free CD,” she says.

All three YouTubers agree that perhaps the most surprising fact of managing their channels is the amount of positive feedback they have received from people who view their videos.

“They always post comments that brighten my day,” Gibson commented. Similarly, Fiorenzi loves the support and interest people show. On the other hand, they must also deal with negative comments.

“I don’t really look at them I laugh at them, “says Scott. Gibson also doesn’t give the comments much credit by remembering that the people who write them have little knowledge about who she is as a person.

Despite the challenging uploading schedule, these Bobcats are glad to continue posting videos to satisfy their follower’s constant demand. Although it serves as a great motivation, they stay grounded by exploring their talents and passions through the opportunity that YouTube has given them.

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