Behind The Scenes at Boca High: Leadership


Freshman Class Officers, Steven Goodall and Evan Preusse , push for Bobcats to recycle more.

Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

Although reduce, reuse and recycle was once a clever catch phrase it seems to have become an overused cliché in the archives of environmental incentives. Boca High students have apparently chosen a similar route by simply not bothering to recycle. The Recycling Program that is done by Leadership seeks to change the students’ unproductive habit by placing white bins to recycle paper in each classroom with easy access for every student.

“Everybody should recycle,” says sophomore Michaela Dugdale from leadership. It seems like a simple concept yet people refuse to place their trash in the garbage and paper in the recycling bins.  The white bins should serve as reminders to be aware that our planet’s resources are not infinite. Leadership empties the recycle bins Monday during fifth hour.

However, Tuesdays they are off recycling duty and visit special need students. Their activities range from simply playing games and watching movies to celebrating holidays. “We do a Halloween party and at the end of the year participate in an egg hunt with them. It’s really fun,” says Dugdale.

From interacting with students that have special needs to recycling, Leadership does more than students think.So remember to be considerate and show appreciation to Leadership by taking part in their recycling program.