I Like You A Latte: Coffee Shop Reviews


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Story by Valeria Munoz, Staff Writer

The Seed

The Seed has become the go to spot for teens that have grown tired of Starbucks and want their money’s worth. It’s “on the spot” roasted coffees and lattes, as well, live up to the neighborhood buzz. The staff is very personable, and they do not mind explaining the roasting process or their daily coffee menu. The rustic décor and indie vibe greets everyone who walks in the door – not just hipsters! They also offer fun events such as open mic night along with magnificent pastries. Their muffins are the perfect companion to their high quality latte, which tastes sublime and the baristas are very skilled with the designs as well. Although the pricing is a bit steep, (it is similar to Starbucks at $4.50 per latte), they serve generous portions which definitely justify its cost. All in all, the Seed has topped its other local competitors and leaves Starbucks overhyped and overpriced beverages in the dust.

Cornerstone Bakery Café

Cornerstone Bakery Café is a cozy nook in an otherwise cluttered plaza. Its atmosphere is calm and the cafe gives off an eccentric vibe due to the lights hung outside its entrance.  The staff was amicable and despite a delayed order, they were nice enough to offer a complementary free coffee upon my second visit. If you are looking for a less artificial flavor mocha frappuccino or a stronger and unsweetened cappuccino,  you don’t have to settle for Starbucks. The prices are similar to Starbucks in the beverages but the pound cakes taste natural and freshly baked, and are sold for only two dollars. While its cappuccino was slightly too bitter for my taste, the atmosphere and staff certainly made up for it. Therefore, a frappuccino order is a better way to go.

Rhino’s Doughnuts and Coffee

Rhino’s Doughnuts and Coffee advertises for its “artisan coffee”, and it does not disappoint. However their aesthetics are quite opposite of both The Seed and Cornerstone Bakery Café  as they go for the “Parisian Chic” feel with their bright color scheme. The prices are friendlier than the prior cafes with their smallest latte beginning at $2.95. Rhino’s offers different sizes and portions, an option that is overlooked at the Seed as their regular latte is a bit exaggerated and comes in only one size. Their gourmet donuts come in unique flavors such as s’mores, salted caramel, and the popular maple bacon. They accompany the coffee nicely, leaving Dunkin Donuts’ behind by comparison.

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