Boca Dance Team performs at Sun Life Stadium


Story by Valeria Munoz, Copy Editor

Through its various pep rally performances and multiple routines, Boca High’s Dance Team has acquired its fair share of performing experience; however, members of the team showed their versatility when they performed in front of a huge crowd at the Miami Dolphins game against the Colts at the SunLife Stadium in Miami on Dec. 27, 2015. The Bobcat Dance Team was offered the opportunity to audition by the Dance Academy in Boca Raton. The six girls chosen were Jamila Hall, Athena Dailey, Alexandra Weot, Tatiana Iskandarian, Victoria Kuhns, and Victoria Falcone. According to senior Jamila Hall, the auditioning process was a bit nerve wrecking in the beginning but it became easier after warm up as they became more comfortable with the dancers around them.

“I learned that going and getting to know the people around you first can really make a difference in how comfortable you area during the process, which makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable,” said Hall.

During auditions, the girls were given different exercises based on the moves that they would be executing in their choreography. The Dance Academy of Boca Raton then taught them the choreography during practice. Once they booked a spot, the girls were invited to the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders’ studio where they rehearsed with them. While the majority of the choreography was already given to them by the Miami Dolphins’ dance coach, the girls were given creative freedom to choreograph a couple of eight counts in the routine. During the last couple of rehearsals before the show, they were able to personally meet and converse with the cheerleaders.

For freshman Victoria Kuhns, the best part was getting to perform in full costume and being filmed while dancing on the field. Another one of her favorite moments from the game was the last couple of rehearsals before the game when the dance really came together. After their performance, the team was even able to watch the kick off.

“I think it really is a different aspect of something you can do in dance…it was a really big opportunity for us, and it really opens a lot of doors if you want to do sports dancing with NFL or anything like that,” said senior Alexandra Weot.

While the Bobcat Dance Team doesn’t have any future events planned, they are grateful for this opportunity as it has given them the chance to express themselves by doing what they love as well as open up a possible career path. The team recently held tryouts for new additions to the group, so they will offer students the opportunity to join the dance team once again in May.

Whether it’s during after school practices, perfecting pep rally dances, or out on a stadium field, Boca High’s Dance Team is always giving its all to deliver the best performance. It’s clear that the ladies of the dance team are a cause for Bobcat pride.

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