A guide to homecoming week

Story by Danielle Worthalter, Staff Writer

This year, Boca High’s homecoming theme is… Hollywood! Spirit week is centered around a California vacation, so each day there will be a California themed event happening during and after school.

The week kicks off with Malibu Monday, students can wear sunscreen and board shorts. After school, there will be a movie in the cafeteria. On Tunes Tuesday, make sure to dress up like your favorite music artist or wear a band t-shirt. The Santa Monica Pier will be on the softball field along with different carnival games and food.

Wilderness Wednesday is the day to show your inner animal. Dress up like your favorite animal or wear animal print. There will be a mock Amazing Race from 4 PM to 8 PM  filled with different obstacles. Clubs and sports teams are encouraged to participate. However, a group of friends can also sign up for a chance to race to the finish line. The Hills Thursday is the day to dress up in a gown or in suit and tie. Powderpuff will also be on Thursday night, so make sure to sign up with your class officers if you would like to be involved.

On Friday during fourth period, students are invited to attend the pep rally. Everyone must wear their class colors. Freshmen wear yellow, sophomores wear blue, juniors wear white, and seniors wear black. Students can also purchase tickets during lunch for the Homecoming football game against Pahokee at 7 PM and the spirit party.

Saturday night is the Hollywood homecoming dance. The night will be spectacular and the iconic Hollywood hills will soon catch your eye, along with a thousand twinkling gold stars. Before you get ahead of yourself though, there are four simple steps to perfecting your homecoming experience.

Step one is purchasing a ticket. Homecoming tickets will be sold online and in front of the media center at lunch starting Monday, Sep. 12, 2016. The tickets will be sold for three weeks, starting at $30 and increasing by $10 every week, only cash will be accepted. However, try and purchase your tickets online so you can have your tickets right away.

Step two is picking out an appropriate outfit. There are many different options of what to wear. Girls can wear rompers, dresses, or skirts. H&M, TopShop, and the online store boohoo.com are three affordable destinations to get your homecoming dress. For guys, khakis and polos are suggested and can be picked up from various places like H&M and ExpressMen.

Step three is finding a date. The best homecomings are the ones spent with your best friends filled with unforgettable memories. Grab your friends and head over to the dance. Step four is remembering to have a good time. Homecoming is no contest, make sure to dress how you want and go with whomever you want. Either way, make sure to dance and have fun with your friends.

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