Save big this holiday season

Save big this holiday season

Photo by Valeria

Story by Lauren Pires , News Editor

With the holidays just around the corner, families across the nation are preparing for this season. Not only are buyers saving up to buy special gifts for loved ones, but many stores are starting up convenient deals to excite consumers for Black Friday. So, here’s some great sales for all shop-addicts.

Target, one of the second-largest discount retailers in the United States, is known for it’s fantastic deals during the holiday season. Of course, they’re going to offer free shipping throughout the season, but they also are crafting helpful plans for people to save big.

–  $25 Off $100 – You can take $25 off orders of $100 or more in December.

– 50% Off Toys – Nov. 1 through Christmas Eve, you’ll receive 50% off a different toy through Target’s Cartwheel App.

Macy’s, a department store with over 789 locations, always has several deals that are completely irresistible. This year, they don’t disappoint.

– 60% savings off of small appliances, wool coats, and many high-end makeup brands such as Lancome.

-50% off retail brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

For all of you gamers, the American video game store, Gamestop, is also crazy about Black Friday. Last year, they opened their doors on Black Friday at 5 AM. This year, they plan on doing the same.If you buy two pre-order games, you get one free that is $55 or under.When you sign up for PowerUp rewards, you earn double the points this holiday season.

Barnes and Nobles, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, is really popular in our area and they have many deals for all book-lovers to enjoy.On paperback books, when you buy two, you can get the third one free and gift books are 50% off.

Victoria’s Secret, an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of women’s premium lingerie, has many bundle deals this Black Friday.   Receive an extra $15 off $100, $25 off $150 or $50 off $250+ all throughout December and going into the new year.Every purchase of $10 or more before February 24, earns a free reward card worth $10 to $500 with the coupon code: ANGELSECRET16.

Kohl’s isn’t necessarily the most popular retail chain, but gamers may need to take a trip there this season. Kohl’s is doing various bundle deals so students and parents can save big. Some of these deals include the Xbox One and the PS4 bundle at $250. It also comes with a $75 Kohl’s card, putting the real price down at $175. Of course, from appliances to toys, Black Friday has convenient deals so everyone can save this year.

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