Junior class President and Vice President


Story by Lauren Festa, Copy Editor

Samuel Woodford and Alex Leondis are a part of Boca High’s finest. Reaching their goal of becoming President and Vice President of the junior class, they have accomplished very much in their three years of attending Boca High. Saying they are two of the most dedicated and hard working men in the junior class is an understatement. Both boys work harder everyday, accomplishing the goals and wishes they put into place since the day of elections. Supporting each other through the hardships that may come about when being head of junior class, they always come out thriving.


Junior Class President, Samuel Woodford.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Wadsworth, Ohio, Sam has been a fighter from the start. Sam’s interest in school completely sunk when his father took a job in Burkina Faso, Africa, and led to lack of strive educationally. Then, his father came back and because of it, his motivation to strive for greatness in school skyrocketed. To boost his grades and life in general, Woodford wanted to join extra curricular activities, which led to running for junior president. As many can see, Samuel is taking his role and doing his absolute best. Contributing to the school with making it safer and sharing his ideas with Dr. King, Sam has a lot in store for the Bobcats.

“[Samuel] is one of the most committed and hardworking guy I know. My favorite quality about him is his worth ethic,” said Vice President, Alex Leondis


Junior Class Vice President, Alex Leondis.

Growing up in West Haverstraw, New York for a majority of his life, coming to Florida was quite the move. The switch was difficult due to the lack of social connections, along with just taking in a new city. Thankfully, after a few months of hardship, Alex finally aligned himself to a better mindset and enjoyed Boca Raton and all the opportunities this city brought. With just a few friends from church, he managed to make himself a prominent student at Boca High. Attending almost every school event brought Alex to a much more social and enjoyable state of mind. Not only does Alex thrive in school, but he plays the guitar along with basketball for the Bobcats.

“Alex works harder than anyone I know and I’m more than happy having my best friend as Vice President,” said President Samuel Woodford.