University Commons Review


Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

University Commons is an outdoor shopping center with places such as Barnes & Noble, Jamba Juice, 16 Handles, Whole Foods, and Nordstrom Rack. Many students from Boca High go to University Commons after school to hang out with friends or to just grab a bite to eat.

“The Whole Foods shopping center is very large and can fit the students who walk in and out after school to grab food,” said freshman Jehan Ares.  

This location is very convenient because it is right across the street from the school. Barnes & Noble is also in this plaza and you can go there after school to read a book and to do homework or study for a big exam. University Commons is also a very fun place to go on the weekends because you can go there and grab some frozen yogurt with friends or family and walk around the plaza. The shopping places are filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Many students go there after school if there is a home game. When it’s time for the game, you can head over back to the school to watch the game. Also, on one of the far ends of University Commons, there are multiple restaurants. P.F Changs and Marios are some of those restaurants. University commons is a perfect location and is a great place to purchase groceries as well. Places like Whole Foods serve an opportunity to shop for any needs.

University Commons in total is a place that students can go to relax, eat, or study. It is also close by to FAU, so any seniors that are going there for college can also go to this shopping center. In a student’s eyes, University commons is the place to be after school.

“I like going there because the food is a good price and kids are hungry after school and it’s a good place to hang out with friends,” said freshman Krista Zemo.  


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