First Day of Freshman Year: Expectations vs. Reality

Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

It was the night before freshman year, and I was thinking of how my first day would go. Would I be on time? Would I be able to eat lunch? I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

When I walked into the courtyard in the morning, I expected there to be certain groups including the athletes, the artists or the scientists, like in the movies, but in reality everyone was mixed together and had a variety of different interests and personalities. I went to my first period and I expected the hallways to be very packed but they were actually compatible with the amount of students.

Then, lunch came around and I expected there to be more room to sit and have one of those movie courtyard and cafeteria scenes;but it ended up being everyone sitting in the shade on the floor because all the benches that had room were in the scorching sun. Lastly, I expected there would not be time to go to my locker but in reality,I can do it but I have to hurry because I don’t want to be late.

After hearing my expectations and realities of my first day of Freshman year, I went to see what others had to say about their first day.

“ Some of my expectations were that I would come home and do some homework, but not a lot.In reality I am doing homework all day and night. Also I expected my teachers to be nice and I was right,” said freshman Parker Neville.

Another student implied, “I thought there wouldn’t be much people in the halls but there were a lot and I thought people would walk faster to class. Another expectation I had was that I thought I would have so much work that I would have to stay up really late, but it’s not that bad so far,” said freshman Martha Francillon.

Lastly a student explained, “My expectation was that it would be hard to make new friends in my classes and at lunch, but in reality most people are very friendly and I’ve met a lot of new people!” said freshman Sophia Ferrari. Sophia was worried about the social part of high school. Now I would think there would be people that pick on students at school but if the students stay with the right people, they will be fine.

High school expectations can be very high according to some people but also can be very low to some people also. Even though high school is harder and more challenging than Middle school, it is also something new, different, and fun. For example, how high school provides football games or pep rallies which makes high school less stressful and more fun.


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