Florida Hurricane Survival Guide

Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

Here are a few steps that will be helpful to prepare for our upcoming hurricane season. Hopefully a hurricane won’t hit any time soon, but if it does, preparation is key. These tips are a way of students to get ideas to help their families. Power will likely be out during a hurricane, so they have no excuse to not get off of their phones and go do something helpful.   

  1. Water, water, water, and even more water. It runs out quickly, so get it as much of it as soon as possible.
  2. Have your cell phone charged and have a backup portable charger in case your power goes out.
  3. Have canned food on the ready, especially well as non-perishables.
  4. Cut the trees farther away from your house, so they won’t fall on your roof when the hurricane’s high winds arrive.
  5. Put gas in your car before-hand.
  6. Collect batteries for your flashlights and for other uses.
  7. Get a battery powered fan because your air conditioning will go out.
  8. If you have pets make sure their shots are up to date and that you have a carrier for them.
  9. If you have medications make sure the prescriptions are filled.
  10. Make sure you have cash for your needs.
  11. Get a battery operated radio so you can keep up with the weather updates and don’t forget to buy the batteries for the use of the radio.
  12. If you don’t have hurricane windows you should board up or put your shudders up.
  13. Have an escape route planned.


These are some really helpful tips for when a hurricane hits. Hurricanes can be anxiety inducing and nerve wracking, but if you just stay calm and make rational decisions, you will be fine .As a student you are already stressed out as it is and having a hurricane on your hands does not make it any better; even though the time off doesn’t hurt. During a hurricane you will likely run out of power, air conditioning, and wifi. I know losing wifi must seem like the end of the world in some cases; but, if you pay attention to what’s going on you will forget all about your phone and social media. Don’t forget to stay cautious and to think thoroughly about every decision you make during a hurricane. Not only take care of your family, but take care of yourself.


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