How to be organized in high school


Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

Being organized for high school can be difficult; with the abundance of classes offered, organization and time management skills are seriously tested. Knowing where everything is a blessing when it comes to being a high school student. There are many ways to stay organized, such as having an agenda or a conveniently-located locker, but teachers can provide some of the best advice to help you stay in order.

“They need to have something where they can bring their supplies to school everyday in,” said AP Environmental and AICE Marine Science teacher, Nicole Flaig.

Always bringing the basics like pencils, pens, and paper, all help to be prepared to learn and participate in class everyday.

“Whatever it takes to make the learning process easier and more simple, the better it is going to be,” said Flaig.

Having items such as a binder can make it easier and more persuading to organize your school work.

“I think the best advice is to figure out what your best time management skills contain,” said AICE Global Writing Block teacher, Kelly Wingate.

Knowing how to spend your time on homework such as projects is a very important factor for not being stressed.

“Whatever worked for you in middle school, keep doing that in high school, but also realize that the classes you are going to be in are a little more tough and require more dedication,” said Wingate.

The transition to high school from middle school is going to be hard because you are going to see that you need more time on homework and studying, time you didn’t use as much when you were in middle school.

High school is very stressful already, why make it harder by not being organized? Being organized can be hard at times but if you put assignments where they are supposed to go and stick to your teachers tips, keeping yourself in order is easy.

“You have to work out some sort of time management that allows you to get your school work done that doesn’t develop a more stressful scenario for your life,” said Wingate.


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