Summer Prep

Story by Sarah Lynott, Staff Writer

Summer is just around the corner, get those sunglasses and bathing suits ready for the best summer yet. With summer so soon, people are in need of preparation for plans, shopping, or vacation. Here are a few tips and tricks to prepare for summer 2019.

  1. Shop for new clothes that are more suited for the summer, such as bathing suits, skater dresses, shorts, or tank tops.
  2. Get homework done early so the days off can be filled with just relaxation and bliss.
  3. Make plans with friends to go to exotic places like the beach or a hike.
  4. Plan what you are going to take on family vacations such as clothes or toiletries.
  5. Prepare what restaurants to check out during summer, such as the Sunday House or Oceans 234.
  6. Mark the calendar for exams that might be after school has ended.
  7. Make a goal list for the summer to have something to look forward to.

There are more ways to plan for summer, just remember to not stress too much over planning for summer, because it is meant for relaxation. Summer of 2019 will be the best yet.


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