Life at Boca High is not like the movies

Story by Zoe Wexler, Features Editor

Imagine this scene- walking into school is almost movie-like in the way it is so cheerful. Students are walking down the halls, talking amongst themselves about the latest gossip, who is dating who, and talks of parties outside of school. In fact, everything is so stress-free and happy-go-lucky that it is as if students are hardly ever faced with homework and classwork. The main focus of the day is lunch, free periods, and class changes, prime time for students, allowing them to socialize and reunite with friends. After all, it is the social scene that makes high school the best years of everyone’s life. 

Every high schooler knows that football games are the best place to meet up with friends and classmates. If there is a home game coming up, every student, freshman through senior, is bound to be there. Life really cannot get much better than times at a football game. Students are so happy and carefree that it would not be too much of a stretch for the entire field to break out into a musical number.

Random outbursts of fully choreographed song and dance are actually quite common at Boca High. If not careful, one might find themselves running right through a dramatic group performance during a class change. 

The hallways radiate nothing but positive energy and happiness, but there is one feared part of school- the gym. Physical education is known to be the most terrifying and brutal class of them all, pitting students against one another for a cutthroat game of dodgeball. It is the one period of the day that every teen dreads. 

Having that scene in mind, it is probably something like High School Musical. While it would be entertaining to go to a school such as this, student life at Boca High is actually nothing like the way high school is depicted in the movies. The social scene is a big part of school, but of course it is not the main focus. Students usually spend a lot more time on assignments and studying than Hollywood makes apparent. If Boca High were the same as the media portrayal of teen life, students would have a lot more free time throughout the day.

“We wouldn’t have to rush to class as in movies they take their time near their lockers and talk to their friends,” said junior Maria Kotegova.

Teens do not have time to be focusing only on their friends and social status since most of the day is spent learning in class, not talking to friends and classmates. 

Social hierarchies is another trait that Boca High does not have in common with high school stereotypes.

“It would be absolute chaos,” said sophomore Faith Alfieri. “It would be just an awful environment and the hierarchy of popular girls would get so out of hand.” 

Much more bullying would occur within Boca High, making conditions unbearable for learning.

“School would be a place of fear in some cases and a place of power in others,” said junior Lindsey Gibson. “I also believe that the ones with power would have to face the harsh reality of life later on considering life would be the one to push them around instead of it being the other way around.” 

School is much better without the emphasis on social rankings. This way students can be more comfortable with their classmates. 

Football is a big part of student life for sure, bringing people together and raising school spirit, but the entire student body definitely does not revolve solely around football. There are more ways of having enthusiasm for one’s school and connecting with classmates than supporting only one sport, but football games are still a fun way to spend time after school.

Music, art and dance are important to Boca High, but there are no sporadic musical numbers throughout the halls, thankfully sparing students from even more hallway traffic than there already is. 

Finally, physical education classes are not some feared evil classes that students are forced to endure. Most students take fitness classes as a personal choice, and Boca High offers choices such as weight-lifting and yoga that many people look forward to taking. 

Not all of the high school cliches are bad. For example, in a lot of television dramas, students find comfort and acceptance in the extracurriculars that they take.

“In Glee they all got to say what they were feeling or going through,” said Alfieri. 

Many students at Boca High find this same comfort in clubs, sports and electives.

It may be for the best that school is not the same as teen movies and live television make it seem. High school is a time that teaches students foundational skills to be successful in life. If school was all about socializing and fun then students would not learn the skills that they need.

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