How to Balance a Job and School

Story by Katie Lennon, Arts and Culture Editor

It is hard for teenagers to get jobs, so when they do, they usually like to stick with them. A lot of times, balancing a job and school work can be difficult. Many students do not know which ones to prioritize or how many days a week they should work.

Many students at Boca High have worked hard to have a stable job and keep up their grades. Juliana Bermudez, a junior at Boca High, has been working on and off for a little under two years. 

“Don’t waste any free time when you’re at school,” said Bermudez.

Although dedicated to their job, most students prioritize school over work. 

“My grades are going to have a larger impact on my future rather than the job I have right now,” said junior Tyler Bordelon. 

It is important to keep in mind the impact that work schedules can have on school performance as well as in other areas of one’s life.

“If you can’t handle your job with school and a social life, maybe rethink your job or the hours you work,” said senior Grace Leonard.

High school jobs are meant to be opportunities for learning and work experience. Letting work interfere with one’s daily life in such a great way may be a sign that the job is not the right one for them.

“If you can’t keep up with your work, school is much more important,” said junior Mitchel Karbatchinskii.  “Knowledge is much more valuable then what I’ll make working a few extra hours.”

Bordelon also explains that communication with one’s boss is important and letting them know about prior commitments. 

“My boss was very understanding and accommodating to my other commitments,” said Bordelon. 

If one can openly communicate how many hours a week they intend to work during the school year, they will be able to plan ahead and manage their time better.

While many students work all the days of the week, some students advise to only work on days there is no school.

“This way you can keep all your focus on school one day and on work the other day,” said junior Olivia Bortz. 

One tip that every student mentioned was time management. 

“You have to have good time management skills and stay on top of your homework,” said senior Kylie Lawrence. “On days off, I try to get any homework done that’s due later in the week because I know I won’t have time to complete it later if I work the day before it’s due.”

Bermudez also adds that keeping a schedule helps to stay on top of  work and the days one has to work.

“I keep a calendar on my wall and log everything into a planner so I know exactly when I need to do my work,” said Bermudez. 

It is possible to balance a job and school as long as one keeps track of everything and communicates with teachers and bosses. Remember that work is meant to be a positive experience for growth, not a complete disruption of day-to-day life.

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