Back to School Groove


Story by Allison Bertolino, Staff Writer

Going back to school can be stressful and draining especially after a two-month break. Switching from summer break to a full schedule is tiresome. Going from summer to AP and AICE classes, it can be hard for people to find the best ways to change their habits and day to day choices. For each grade, adjusting to the new school year can be different.

Freshmen might have a hard time balancing all their new courses, along with being in a new and larger school.“Looking up information on classes to know what to be prepared for and to staying motivated is how to stop myself from falling behind,” said freshman Noah Chatoo. Setting high goals as a student allows you to stay positive and motivated. If you don’t end up with the results you wanted you will still end up with higher grades than you expected. Going back to school with a positive attitude can aid in developing a strong will to work hard and to avoid slacking on your schoolwork. 

Since the beginning of the school year is usually the hardest for freshmen, sophomores have learned through experience the best ways to get back into their high school routine. Sophomore Amaila Lauricella believes that the best way to get back into her school groove is to make sure she has all the supplies she needs for the first day.“Getting all my clothes makes me feel prepared,” said Lauricella. Sophomores have the advantage of finally knowing what they need for the first couple of weeks, compared to going into high school blindly like last year. The sophomore class finally knows the buildings and the type of classes they are putting themselves into due to past workloads and being able to compare the difference between middle and high school. Finally starting to get the hang of Boca High and going back to school after summer becomes easier as they know what to expect. On the other hand, juniors and seniors begin to deal with more stress. 

Junior year can become very intimidating and nerve-racking since it is the year colleges look at the most.Along with the stress of SATs and ACTs. This can become a lot to take in at the beginning of the year. Juniors are still getting used to the workload and AP classes after their study free summer. Going into one of the most stressful years of high school, new Junior Axel Marquez believes that the best way to get ready for back to school is to be mentally prepared.

 “Have a clear and open mind and expect a few bumps,” said Marquez. It’s important to keep that positive attitude that Freshman bring into the school year. 

While most stress does come from junior year, it is easy for seniors to come back to school with fewer cares since they begin to believe that they have already finished the important parts of high school. In senior year, it becomes very easy to fall behind resulting in lower grades. Senior year is still important and colleges still pay attention to those grades which is why it’s important to continue in following important tasks at the beginning of the year. “Leave yourself some time to relax and prepare yourself for school in the morning,” said senior Anthony Colangelo. It’s easy for Seniors to take their last year with less seriousness but for luck with college acceptance, continuing in AP classes and maintaining good grades is the best for them. Being prepared for the day early in the morning can help Seniors get out of their heads and avoid “senioritis,” resulting in those lower grades.

 High school is extremely stressful and can be difficult at times for each grade, it’s important to keep your mind and body healthy. Getting enough sleep, not overworking yourself, and having time management is very important. Along with eating a healthy breakfast to keep your mind and body energized throughout the day. While going back to school after a fun and stress-free summer can be upsetting, it’s important to go through some simple steps like having high goals to make sure that you don’t fall behind, leaving you as stress-free as possible.