Working Out this Quarantine


Story by Sarah Lynott, Sports Editor

Due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, all gyms have been closed in the Boca area. Especially since all of the city’s residents are under a specific code of quarantine, many students have to work out from home to stay healthy and fit and think positively during this time of struggle. The idea of working out from home can branch off into workout videos, working out as a family, or just simply running or biking around your neighborhood. 

“While in quarantine, I have more time to feel more motivated to workout, while being more energized during the day,” said junior Amanda Borgogelli. 

With the amount of time students have in a day, they have the ability to save some time aside from their online classes to squeeze in a workout. Amanda explains how being in the house all day builds up her energy so that she can focus on her exercise. Even though students are getting used to this new change in education, many of them are taking this time to improve on themselves and their health. 

“It’s a good way to break up your day, so you’re not always focusing on your school work all day,” said sophomore Mia Antonacci. 

This provides insight on how even though online school could be stressful and take up most of your day, pushing yourself to workout is a type of motivation to get your work done at a certain time. This provides students with a way to set a strict schedule for themselves to boost confidence on their improvement and strive to push themselves everyday. 

“I watch videos and follow along almost everyday and run two miles,” said sophomore Krista Zemo. 

A popular workout that has been circulating on social media is Chole Ting’s “Two Week Shred It” challenge. It is a workout with great results that pushes you to workout everyday and maintain a healthy diet. This challenge and many other videos on the Internet have helped students properly workout with and without their own equipment due to the lack of not being able to go to the gym. Another benefit of being able to spend more time on being healthy while under this health crisis, is being able to run and bike around your local area, carefully without getting into close contact with people.

“It is a great way to take my mind off exams,” said sophomore Olivia Keable. “I’ve formed a habit now from working out every day, so I look forward to it since I know I’m going to get good results.”

Working out at home during quarantine is a positive way to see this situation

“It relieves a lot of stress and allows me to be able to be productive,” said sophomore Leah Sommer.  

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