Mrs. Romberger’s weightless flight

Boca High’s AICE International teacher, Mrs. Romberger, had the unique experience of going on a weightless flight, which took off in Titusville on Memorial Day weekend.

The zero-gravity flights are achieved when the specially-modified planes reach altitudes of over 24,000 feet, then drops.

Mrs. Romberger went on her flight with her son Tod Romberger, who is an aerospace engineer that also works as a coach on weightless flights. He has coached over twenty-five flights, after which a coaching policy enabled him to get a free spot on the flight.

There were several coaches, including her son, and rougly two dozen passengers who were divided into three groups on the plane, which had padded walls and floors. The passengers sat in seats until they were told by the coaches to lie down flat on the floor. The passengers then waited for the plane to plummet, which caused the weighlessness of the zero-gravity experience.

“It was an experience like none other,” she said. “It was like the ultimate carnival ride.”

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