National Honor Society

At the end of March, Boca High will be inducting some new members into its National Honor Society. Letters were sent out in February notifying inductees of their acceptance and congratulating them on being chosen for this prestigious organization, which serves to encourage and mold better leaders for the future.

The National Honor Society, which was founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, is an organization made up of middle and high school principals and aspiring school leaders from across the United States, as well as more than forty-five countries around the globe. The National Honor Society exists to honor students that have demonstrated brilliance in areas such as leadership, service, scholarship, and character. It not only recognizes their achievements, but urges and challenges them to delve deeper into their community and get involved through various school activities, clubs, and community service.

Not only does NHS look great on a college resume, it also awards scholarships to those students who exceed academic expectations and have made outstanding service endeavors to better their community. These scholarships are granted to members of a graduating class to put towards their expensive college tuition, and the selected candidate(s) can receive up to $13,000 to help pay for their college fees.

The National Honor Society exists to help students exceed not only in academics, but in having excellent behavior and leadership roles as well. It urges them to always do their best and use their abilities and gifts to serve their school and community, all the while building themselves up and creating good skills that the students can put to good use later in life, such as how to effectively manage and guide groups of people and how to implement time management skills. This creates strong leaders that will succeed in their future.

Students recognize the constructive impact that NHS can have on people’s lives. Junior Rusty Whitehead was inducted into NHS last year and has been influenced positively by being a member of the National Honor Society.

“NHS has taught me that serving the community can positively impact others and myself,” said Rusty.

In addition, Sophomore Savannah Zona, who will be inducted into the NHS this year, believes that National Honor Society can “help me be a better leader and help me inspire people.”

The National Honor Society builds up students to be inspiring leaders and academic achievers to help make the future the best and brightest it can possibly be.

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