NJROTC Field Meet Results [Commander Bingham]


Story by LCDR Kenneth Bingham

Yes, two can be better than one!  This past Saturday The Boca NJROTC, lead by Cadet Captain Jake Woods competed in an Area Seven Field Meet at Felix Varela High School in Miami.  But the Bobcat Regiment tried a new idea.  We took two complete teams; two buses 40 Cadets on each team, a Blue Team and a Gold Team consisting of all grades Freshmen through Seniors.  Never in the history of an ROTC has a school taken two complete teams to compete in Academics, Drill, Personnel Inspection and Athletic events.  This was an experiment that proved to be successful!

The Cadets arrived at 0530 Saturday Morning all 80 +5 extras on time and ready to compete in what turned out to be one of the most exciting days of my career as a Naval Science Instructor, I had two times the excitement and nervousness for both teams.  We divided the teams equally.  The Blue was lead by Jake Woods and the Gold by Jennifer Menke and Brian Brown.

When the battle was over the Blue Team finished number one and the Gold Team number two over the other thirteen schools!  It was clearly a day for the Bobcat Regiment and it proves we have the best Cadets North, South, East, and West of any pole anywhere!  I am so pound of each and every one of them.  It proves not one person makes a team; it is many working as a team.

In Academics was Boca Blue First place, Boca Gold Second place. Overall Individual placements were Jake Woods 1st, Jennifer Menke 2nd, Bennet Law 3rd, Brian Brown 4th, Marcus Fuller 5th, Ross Woods 6th, Brandon Augustin 7th, Giulia Balisteri 8th, Anthony Lewis, Megan Householder, Connor Smith tied for 9th, I think you get the idea the Bobcats rule in Academics! In Personnel Inspection Gold was fourth and Blue fifth, with the Blue Team taking an overall fourth place in Drill events

Overall Athletics was First Place for Boca Blue, and Second Place for Boca Gold.

Team Blue won First Place in Team Push-ups. In males Mathew Core and Miles DeAngelo tied for second; in females first was Carolyn Wohlfarth and second was Miranda O’Belmito.
Team Gold won Second Place with Christian Angelone first place.
Team Blue also won First Place in Team Sit-ups. In males Iker Salazar was second; in females  Alicia Castaneda was first and Kelly Furbish was third.

Team Gold also won Second Place in Team Sit-ups. In females Jennifer Magi was second.
In the Running events Boca Blue placed second, and Boca Gold placed third.

Once again, in the end two can be better than one! Boca Blue First Place Overall and Boca Gold Second Place Overall!  It truly was a great day for both teams and what an exciting experience for the instructors and parents and one that I will never forget! Our program is so privileged to have so many dedicated and capable young people that allowing all who qualified to participate in a field meet truly spoke to their high school experience. However, our next field meet is 07FEB at Flanagan HS. We will again compete with two teams, but this time the Gold Team will comprise of all the strongest competitors!

I always thank you for your interest and support in the Boca NJROTC Bobcat Regiment; oh on a side note Jake Woods has received his Appointment to the Naval Academy!

“There is no such thing as continuous improvement without continuous innovation.” -Don Galer