Poetry Contest Winner [Ms. O’Bryan]

This weekend Scott Bryant read his 2nd place poem at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival.

He competed against over 200 other entries of all public and private Palm Beach County High School students. Here is his poem:


I feel that there’s peace in disharmony,

Like every scattered thought

Might phoenix itself from the ashes.


Like every meaning loves misguided attention,

And every blur or phrase holds ever deeper notes,

And every orange-black night like cornered streets throws itself through window blinds;


Like every feeling of discomfort from hyperactivity

Lies in wait to jump headlong into itself,

Like it’s blind.


Like every misshapen flick of ceiling paint hanging into the fray,

As if it could be something else if it wanted to.


Every rhythm has no reason-

As if it needed a reason.

As if poems needed rhymes.

-Scott Bryant, 11th Grade