Science Olympiad vs Boston Snowstorm [Mr. Benskin]


Science Olympiad traveled to MIT this past weekend to open their season. Because MIT has never held an Invitational Tournament before, many of the nationally-renowned teams came out to compete in what proved to be the most challenging tournament possibly in the history of Science Olympiad (all events and exams were written by MIT students and staff or other well known scientists). Our “veteran” team finished their day ranked 10th place out of 56 teams and our “rookie” team (talk about “baptism by fire” by this being their first exposure to Science Olympiad) finished in 29th place. We were happy with both overall finishes but have much work to do before the Regional Championship in a month. It was a fantastic learning experience for all participants!

Additionally, we all had a BLAST in the snowstorm that hit Boston and the campus. For some students, it was their first exposure to snow (with mixed reviews, overall…). Without a bit of complaining, students hiked over 3 miles through crazy conditions to participate in all of their events (with no reported frostbite).

Thank you all for your support of this program and a special thank you to Miss Fig. and Mr. Elvey for helping chaperone this complicated trip!