[SATIRE] New High School to relieve growing pains

[SATIRE] New High School to relieve growing pains

Story by Jordan Bensemana, Staff Writer

The School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) announced that plans for a new Boca Raton-based high school are in the works. The high school, Yamato Community High, will relieve the stress of overcrowded schools such as Boca High (3250 students), Spanish River (2400 students) and West Boca Raton (2300+ students) and will insert thousands of students into a state-of-the-art facility.

Yamato High students, soon to be known as the Pineapples, will enjoy the benefits of a nicely furnished one and a half acre campus in the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District. The school will feature enough classrooms to fit over three thousand students and will have a gymnasium along with six tennis courts.

“We’re really excited for Yamato High; it’s really going to make Boca better. More teaching jobs, better facilities and better education for our kids,” said several local parents at a rally for the new school.

Boca High, Spanish River and West Boca students will have an option to leave their respective schools for Yamato. If the number of students does not meet the working capacity of the school, there will be a draft lottery at Boca High for both in and out of county students. The lottery will be conducted by the SDPBC after approval is given from the state department of education.

Despite majority approval for the new area school there is some disapproval, particularly from students.

“I kind of think it’s unfair for in-county students”, said Justin Nobles, an aspiring junior at the school.

“I’ve been going to Boca High for three years and now there’s a chance that I may have to leave even though I’m zoned for here.”

The Pineapples’ athletic programs will compete in District 13-7A along with Forest Hill, Olympic Heights, West Boca, Dwyer, Palm Beach Lakes and Royal Palm Beach.

The school will not feature a football stadium in the near future, however. Officials cite a budget dispute for the issue. The football team will share a stadium with nearby Florida Atlantic University for the upcoming year.

Yamato High will open its doors to over 2000 students in the 2015-2016 school year. The school will create over 300 new jobs and will add another great public school atmosphere to Palm Beach County.