Dr. King excited to take on new challenges as Boca High’s principal


Story by Valeria Munoz, Editor in Chief

Dr. Susie King was chosen as Boca High’s new principal for the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Although students weren’t present on campus until late August, she spent the summer finalizing preparations for the new year. One of the tasks included organizing over 3,000 students’ schedules to ensure that their course and graduation requirements were met. In order to achieve this, King admits she didn’t sleep. However, such tasks were few and far between since the former principal, Dr. Geoff McKee, allowed King to practice certain aspects of the role, the previous year.
“Fortunately Dr. McKee all along gave me multiple chances to be that leader and to learn different things which I think is really important. So it feels like a continuation of what I was doing,” she said.
Dr. McKee would incorporate Dr. King in almost every task so that the process would be familiar to her once she assumed the position as head of the school.
While some people would be eager to implement new policies, Dr. King recognizes that Boca High has already achieved a foundation of excellence. In fact, she attributes this solid base of high academic standards to the staff, ranging from administrators to teachers. She is working on making a few adjustments, but doesn’t plan on making any sweeping changes that would be drastically different.
“I was apprehensive about having a new principal because I thought things were going to change. But once I found out it was Dr. King, I was relieved because she knows our school and our students. I can’t wait to see Dr. King get involved with all the organizations and clubs at school,” said senior Janine Santiago.
Dr. King was selected through a process of nominations from faculty and administration. The process of obtaining the position required a lot of patience on her part as she anxiously awaited the results of the votes. However, she is grateful that the higher ups recognized the fact that Boca High needed somebody who already knew how the school ran, since bringing a new person into the school’s system would have made the adjustment more difficult.
As for the biggest difference between being principal and her former positon as assistant principal, King acknowledges there is a heightened level of responsibility. The reason being that she is the one who has to make all the decisions in order to get everything done. But, she is confident that once challenges do present themselves she can look to her support staff, principals, and other officials at the regional level for help.
“I don’t feel like I’m an island onto myself. I know that when I do run into those [challenges] I know I have people I can reach out to,” King said.
Many times King can be seen on campus working as early as seven in the morning.
“Our new principal, Dr. King is working dilligently to ensure that all students learn and enjoy their time at Boca High,” said Mrs. Albano.
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