The First Digital Science Fair


Story by Lauren Bonich , News Editor

On November 9th, 2017, the STEM Club and AICE Environmental Management teacher, Dr. Rachel Wellman hosted the first digital science fair. The science fair began at six pm, all contestants entering themselves on the sign in sheet, to then being assigned a chromebook to present their work. The presentations were required to be on Google Drive using Google Slides, ensuring that access to the presentation wielded no technical difficulties. Physical visual example were not necessary, but some students decided to use tri fold boards or plants they had cultivated as examples to support their presentation. Students either presented individually or in a group of two and they all had projects involving environmentally centered ideas and questions, and ensuring that the scientific method was integrated throughout their data and presentation. For example students Lauren Pires and Logan Millette, juniors, based their experiment off of which commonly used materials were the most efficiently biodegradable; and ended up being within the triple tie for third place. Junior, Sam Cohen based her presentation on how Florida’s environmental policies effectively protect coral reefs from land sourced pollution, and placed first.

“I felt that participating in the science fair helped me visualize my research paper for AICE Environmental and AP Research much more clearly, and gave me a clearer direction of where I’m going with my research,” said Cohen.

Each presenter was judged by a panel of teachers from Boca High including AP Physics teacher, Ms. Alena Horwitz, Spanish teacher Mrs. Kimberly Kouri, and more. Not to mention that many of the presenters family members showed up to support their children. Each presenter was scored individually by each of the four judges, and then each group’s scores were averaged out and distributed into a placing system. Placing well in this science fair allows for students to participate in the district’s science fair with their work, that will occur on December 14th at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

Fellow Junior, Will Patrone, based his presentation on the distribution of invasive species and came in second place, qualifying him for districts.

“The science fair was a lot of hard work but was enjoyable overall. It’s unfortunate that I was two points away from first place and lost three points for creativity, but I now know what I can do to ensure I am successful at Districts on November 14th. Dr. Wellman and STEM Club did a great job hosting the event, as well did the judges. Hopefully the science far can grow beyond Dr. Wellman’s class and into a schoolkids tradition,” Patrone said.