Headphones No Longer Allowed On Campus


Story by Juan Quinones, Staff Writer

A new policy now prohibits headphones on campus at all times, including during class changes, lunch, and before school. This policy came out of an initiative to improve campus safety after the administration received feedback from both the district and law enforcement.


“We have found when students are wearing their headsets they can’t hear us give any type of direction. In the event of an emergency students need to be able to hear and follow all of our directions,” said principal, Susie King.


Teachers and administrators have started to enforce this new rule which has caused a lot of students to question the policy. Many think that using them makes it easier to concentrate during class and do work.


“My enjoyment goes up when I can put my headphones on during class and listen to my

favorite artist. Then I’ll be able to enjoy the class a bit more,” said senior Kei Long. While some students do use headphones to pay attention to the lesson and help them concentrate, others use them as a distraction and don’t get the most out of the learning.


“Even though teachers like the new rule, I personally don’t like it because I know some kids learn better with music on and it’s enjoyable during lunch, so I feel like they should be less strict about it,” said junior Adian Brinley.


Although research shows that listening to music does improve students’ performance and their scores, not all students used them appropriately.


“The [new] policy is working great. The disturbing amount of now visible earwax has been the only drawback,” said science teacher, Ross Bolhofner.


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